Wireless Networks

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Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks


In the history of mobile phone technology, 3G will always be remembered with the introduction of smart-phones. But with the technological advancement, telecommunication has also shown rapid evolution. The demand of new generation is mostly in the form of mobility and faster connectivity. Service providers in the field of telecommunication are involved in developing and exploring a next generation which is known as fourth generation (4G). Speed of connectivity has surely increased with this technological advancement in the domain of 10mbps-100mbps (Sullivan, 2012).


Compare and contrast 3G wireless networks to 4G networks

3G has shown a noticeable advancement in the field of telecommunication. It has opened a completely new realm of possibilities by involving applications like stream audio and video, video conferencing, video calling and a variety of multimedia applications whereas applications introduced in 4G are 3D television, IP telephony, video conferencing, amended mobile web access, gaming services as well as high definition mobile television (Agbinya, 2010).

Services and application

Services and applications in 3G and 4G differ. 3G is considered as the standard of current mobile internet service. User of 3G service has to connect mobile phone with the internet service for having internet access and he must have a separate number to dial into the computer. Wherever cell phone service is available, one can avail the service of internet as well (Agbinya, 2010).

4G is a considered as a completely different service which is offered on a completely different network. A 4G connection enables the user to send a wireless signal through the cell phone. Cell phone in 4G turns out to be a mobile hotspot which has the ability to send the signals to the computer (Georgios, et.al. 2003).

Network Architecture

One of the most important differences between these two network standards is the network architecture. 3G mobile network relies on a large ...
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