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According to official statistics, in recent years there has been some slowdown in development of the furniture industry. However, these data do not provide a complete picture of what is happening in the furniture market. By our estimates, the UKStatistics Committee Reports in terms of production of furniture products seriously differ from the actual figures, - the general director of the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia (APMDPR) Olga Gurleva. - The data on production in Russia, chipboard, supplied to furniture companies, substantially correct the situation: the amount of furniture should be increased by almost half. Such a discrepancy due to the fact that a significant part of statistics for various reasons do not come to the attention of SSC. In addition, the overall figures of official statistics do not reflect the situation in certain sectors of production or in individual enterprises.

As of December 2009, the company's long-term liabilities to £ 43,840,000, and (that is, all arrears), total liabilities of 21.81 billion pounds. Long-term debt to equity ratio is very less business, only 0.00. June 2009 for the operation of anecdotes to 15.59 billion pounds of receivables, which is matched 56 days sales. This is in 2008, when 85 Wiesel Plc anecdotal accounts receivable in the sales end of the day improved.

In turnover from 2009, described 102 470 000 000 pounds, the total transaction cost of the project is 02.04 billion pounds, or 99.7% of sales (that is, the sales revenue of 5.3%). This is the overall profitability of profit than in 2008, when the transaction cost of goods sold 98.1% of total business done little. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of the profits of the company's profit (EBITDA) was 43.5 billion pounds, or 4.2% of sales. EBITDA margin this year than in 2008 EBITDA margin was the same 6.1% of sales to achieve the business poor. In 2009, before special items in Wiesel profit Plc for 2.23 billion pounds, or 2.2% of sales. The difference in revenue over the business in 2008, when the income margin was 4.3%, the sales high-end small. The company's net assets as early as in 2009 was 27.3%. This height difference is much higher than the current 40.6% completed as early as the business in 2008. (Special items are excluded.) In the second quarter of 2009, Wiesel describes the Plc's share of the profits of £ 59,900. This is 18% and in 2008, when the business is described as £ 5.10 per share, in the second quarter profits.

Back to a London School of Economics received the survey showed that companies increased their shareholder value. The next command is a query expansion to continue to add these benefits worth? In the alignment of the response to this survey, I ROCE and ROE calculations.

In recent years, the joint solution to market problems began to arise alliances between different players. Large furniture companies that have their own retail chains are ready to sell in its stores products for small ...