Women Driving In Saudi Arabia

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Women Driving in Saudi Arabia


Women driving in Saudi Arabia


This research paper is about women's drive in Saudi Arabia. It is prohibited for the women to drive in Saudi Arabia but in opinion it should be allowed as our Islam does not restrict women from driving. Therefore, I believe that the government and legal authorities should focus on other significant issues which should be highly focused for the betterment of the country. They should understand the fact that when our religion does not limit this right amongst the women then they should also give access to the women for driving. They should take care about the environment and surroundings to become positive in order to enable the women to drive fearlessly. In the paper further it will be discussed regarding the significance of the topic and its usefulness. The argument will be based on a controversial issue in Saudi Arabia regarding the restriction on women to drive. Additionally I will shed light on the matter that it is essential for women to be allowed to drive legally.


Driving in Saudi Arabia is prohibited due to the fact that the cities and places located within the country are at a massive distance. Women roaming in the darkness of night could get puzzled with the ways and can face a plenty of problems which they would not be able to solve alone. Considering all these facts the legal authorities of Saudi Arabia proposed a fatwa (law) regarding the prohibition of women to drive (Vogel, 2012). I believe that this argument can be debatable, if a women does not have anybody else to get supported and aspires to live on her own would definitely require to drive alone rather than spending a huge amount on conveyance rents on daily basis. Own transport can be easily ...