Workplace Observations

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Workplace Observations

Workplace Observations


Many organizations are working to create an effective environment through which they could provide a diversified environment for their workers. Thus, it is necessary to develop training materials on managing diversity and equality in the workplace. Its overall aim is to increase the capacity of employers' organizations and other associations representing businesses to help them and assist them in creating or improving efforts on these elements in the workplace, so that this would channel the potential of a workplace characterized by diversity and equality between the sexes.

Discussion and Analysis

The success of a company based on people who are part of it. In action, diversity and equality are the pillars of growth and social progress that structure their corporate philosophy. Much organization has backed the creation of ethical values and principles for the promotion of equal opportunities in all aspects of people management. It also has programs in place, internal procedures and, actions to create a working environment free from discrimination of any kind and to promote diversity. An ongoing dialogue ensures the application of these values with social partners. This dialogue can be translated into the achievement of important milestones in the field of equality and diversity, including the development of female employment in sectors with little representation, the integration of people with disabilities and marginalize groups, among others.

The Case

Mr X explained that he was spending his life normally, suddenly after the death of his wife he complained several times about stabbing feeling inside his head. The point of trouble started when he transferred to another team. He instigated groundless allegations of nuisance, and product meddling in contradiction of companion repairmen. He was quite short on his temperament that he left in isolation, and he made threats against other co-workers, He was suggested to undertake treatments for this disorder and some trainings and courses for anger management, after the incident when he repeatedly kicked , and destroyed the door of the elevator. He amenably discourse about to carry out a mass shooting at workplace, he usually get touched by the fact that his co-worker had the habit of engaging in behavior of backstabbing, harassment, and used to disperse false buzzes. He was even observed to resist changing, the evidence is said to exclaim that the Xerox management became extremely committed to the internal advancement of the organization that they decided to phase-out the old photocopier that was usually used by Mr. X.

He counterattacked to learn new improved methods and working of a machine, he was scared that he might not be able to be up to the mark with the technicalities and demands. After the resistance his manager insisted and try to convince him that he should start with the training the next day. Mr. X rationale behind training is might, that the company would terminate him, as he wanted to give the company a reason to dismiss him.


The issue addresses certain concerns upon leadership, management and employees as well. An increasing awareness has been acting upon the conscious ...
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