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The history and the accounts Chinese civilization spans the longest times in the history of the world. It spans around more than 6,000 years, with more than one cultural transformation. Critiques point out and examine the history and patterns of transformation and suggest that the possible answer might be the physical makeup or geography of the Chinese region. China had always been one of the difficult places to conquer because of the fact and leverage to the Chinese people that their region is vastly surrounded by the mountainous ranges and other physical barriers (

Besides the rich history and its accounts of Chinese population; there are numerous issues and matters contemporarily as well, which make China and its governmental, social and political accounts as one of the debating ones around the globe. With one of the highest rates of population growth and issues, China represents almost one fifth of the world's total population when it exceeded the figures of 6 billion in 1999. Along with the population issues, China also faces and raises for the world, issues and debates of industrialization (Banister et al, 2010).


China as Middle Kingdom

China had been surrounded with the vast mountainous ranges and lineups. The Himalayas standing dauntingly to the south of the Chinese empire, the intense desert of Gobi to the north of the historical kingdom and the Pacific Ocean flowing down the east of the Chinese domain; casted an impact of the kingdom being covered with the natural barriers and obstructions. Due to this fact, the attackers and the conquerors in the ancient times found it really difficult to surmount the physical barriers and tried the same from the directions and sides. Being attacked from all the sides and the surmounting presence of the physical barriers from all the four sides, Chinese people perceived themselves as being present in the middle of the world; thus terming and naming themselves as Zhongguo, translated as “the Middle Kingdom” (

Population Growth Issues in China

Chinese population and kingdom faces serious concerns about the population issues for the future. As pointed and criticized by the critiques, the major concern which the Chinese people will be facing in the future is the dearth of young people in their overall population. The scarcity of young population and its related problems are fraught with numerous issues. The low rates of young population will be leading to the low rates economic growth and the alarming high rates of age old cohorts unable to derive the country's economy like the young population.

In China, the expectations for the 2050 is alarming because is it expected that 30% of the Chinese population will be nearly or practically be 60 years or above; resulting in the aging populace thus stagnating the economic, social and political growth. Looking back and examining the events and issues leading to such alarming situation in the future, one can easily point out the low fertility rates and increased life expectancy, causing and casting drastic effects ...
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