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Research Papers on Business

Business involves various activities that are intended to earn profits. Goods and services are produced and exchanged in businesses. A thorough research is required to prepare business research papers. This takes a lot of time of the writer. Now Researchomatic is presenting thousands of business research papers that surely provide ease to the writer in finding relevant material for their business research papers.

Business Proposal
Business Proposal Business Proposal Introduction M-mart is being established as a massive departmental store that is based on a unique concept. The store aims to offer consumers with convenience in shopping by offering them a wide range of products under one roof. Apart from this, the store will also comprise of an amusement ...
Little Lamb Scenario
Little Lamb Scenario Abstract The following paper discusses in detail the questions asked in the Little Lamb Case Scenario. Expressly Mary was treated as an employee even though she was brought in as an independent contractor. The company wanted her to work according to their work schedules and using their equipment and ...
Impact Of Internet On Music Industry
Impact of Internet on Music Industry Impact of Internet on Music Industry Introduction The music industry is reaching great heights with the help of the internet. On one hand it brings along a large drop in sales due to illegal downloads, on the other hand, the industry has accepted the internet as ...
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Introduction Businesses and entrepreneurship has been evolving since the beginning of times, but the current times have seen and drastic change in the methods of operating business as well as the scope of various businesses around the globe, thus causing an overall change in business environment. It should be noted that ...
Outline For Franchise Vs Small Business
Outline for Franchise vs small business Outline for Franchise vs. small business Every entrepreneur who wishes to own a business will ultimately have to make a decision between starting a small business on his own or simply purchase an already well-established franchise. It is important that each of the two ...
International Market Entry And Development
International Market Entry and Development International Market Entry and Development Introduction Businesses may choose to enter into the foreign markets for various reasons. This may include factors such as expansion, rising consumer demands, increasing revenues or diversification. By entering into the global markets, firms try to deploy their strengthened resources to take advantage ...
International Business
International Business International Business Introduction This research paper is based on International Business. The name of the chosen MNC is Needs Super Market. This super market operates in United States but the management of company is planning an international expansion. It became apparent that the effectiveness of international business depends on ...
Marketing Abstract This paper discusses the different form of partnerships, the importance of small businesses in economy and their funding options. Further, the paper examines the use of managerial accounting in determining the product cost, incremental analysis and budgeting. The basic components of marketing process are illustrated with example. Lastly, the significant ...
Leadership Of Older Employees
Leadership of Older Employees Leadership of Older Employees Introduction This paper intends to discuss the leadership of older employees. Leadership is one of the most important facets for running business organizations successfully. Managing and leading young employees and older employees requires completely different techniques and strategies as the behavior of both the ...
Global Employment Market/India Compared To The United States
Global Employment Market/India compared to the United States Executive Summary The paper analyzes the Global Employment Market of India in comparison to the United States. The impact of financial crisis on labor market is usually analyzed through the lens of unemployment which surged from less than six percent to over eight ...
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