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Research Papers on Business

Business involves various activities that are intended to earn profits. Goods and services are produced and exchanged in businesses. A thorough research is required to prepare business research papers. This takes a lot of time of the writer. Now Researchomatic is presenting thousands of business research papers that surely provide ease to the writer in finding relevant material for their business research papers.

Internet Technology Marketing And Security
Internet technology marketing and security Internet technology marketing and security Introduction Internet technology for over the years has provided unique and unbelievable opportunities to the old and new companies of increasing the market share of their products, to increase the customer base, and to provide tough competition to their competitors (Acquisti, ...
General Motors ‘unions’
General Motors 'Unions' [Name of the Institute] General Motors 'Unions' Introduction General Motors Company can be identified as one of America's biggest automobile manufacturing companies, which has a vast global market. In America the act of unionization is considered as the basic right of each employee, and the government has made the relevant guidelines ...
Sam’s Club Development Plan
Sam's Club development Plan Sam's Club development Plan Introduction Organizational development includes all planned and long-term interventions that affect the organization as a whole and which are aimed at the autonomy and the identification of the members of the organization's goals to strengthen (Gebert 1995). Sam's Club is also needed a development ...
Business Environmental Analysis Report On Saudi Arabia
Business Environmental Analysis Report on Saudi Arabia Business Environmental Analysis Report on Saudi Arabia Purpose of the Report Globalization has completely transformed the way organizations operate currently. Many organizations have looked to target foreign territories in order to diversify its operations as well as enhance the utilization of profitable opportunities. In ...
Mergers, Acquisitions & International Strategies
Mergers, Acquisitions & International Strategies Contents Beginnings of Culture: A Critical Concern in Merger and Acquisition Strategies4 1.1 Comparison of Two Companies5 Diamond Foods5 Strategy that led to the Merger5 Acquisition Analysis6 Golden Flake6 Profitable for Golden Flake to Acquire or Merge With7 Justification7 1.2 Diamond Foods8 International Business Level Strategy8 International Corporate Level Strategy8 Recommendations for Improvement8 1.3 Golden Flake9 Business Level Strategy9 Corporate Level ...
Capstone Project
CAPSTONE PROJECT Capstone Project Capstone Project Company's mission and vision statements against the performance of the organization Strategic mission contains the goals the organization will follow to complete its mission statement whereas planning means to how the organization tries to get its desired goals. By considering these two simultaneously assures that the business ...
Advantages/Disadvantages Of Licensing As A Mode Of Entry Into Foreign Markets
Advantages/Disadvantages of Licensing As a Mode of Entry into Foreign Markets Executive Summary The paper analyse the vantages and disadvantages of the licensing as a mode for entry to the foreign market. Business decisions are very much embedded in a sociological context, in which culture and communication play a major role. ...
Merger And Acquisition
Merger and Acquisition Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies Introduction As economies have been recovering from great recession, companies have been looking for new methods and techniques in order to improve their growth in sales and expand their profitability. Majority of the companies comprises of strong cash position but their access to capital ...
Pollution And Poverty
Pollution and Poverty Pollution and Poverty Introduction The following case study is about the affect of pollution and poverty faced by the third world countries. In this paper, the author covered six different questions that might help the readers in understanding the case study. Question 1 The 'Valley of Death' considered to be ...
Feasibility Study Of Didier Auto Repair And Detailing
Feasibility Study of Didier Auto Repair and Detailing Feasibility Study of Didier Auto Repair and Detailing Introduction Feasibility study is very important for any new business. Doing feasibility is an excellent business. Any new business before proceeding with the business plan will first do a feasibility study for the new idea before ...
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