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Research Papers on Business

Business involves various activities that are intended to earn profits. Goods and services are produced and exchanged in businesses. A thorough research is required to prepare business research papers. This takes a lot of time of the writer. Now Researchomatic is presenting thousands of business research papers that surely provide ease to the writer in finding relevant material for their business research papers.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Executive Summary The paper is an in depth study of Wal-Mart and its business practices. Wal-Mart is the world's largest company, the largest private employer in the world, the eighth buyer of Chinese products (to Russia and the United Kingdom). Wal-Mart is one of the most famous and ...
Significance Of Global Leadership
Significance of Global Leadership Significance of Global Leadership Global Leaders There is a huge roe of global leaders in shaping the performance of globalized organizations. Since globalization has completely transformed the way organizations operate, it has become quite clear for organizations to have efficient global leaders. The persuasive global leaders play a ...
Leadership Introduction1 What is leadership?2 Leadership theories3 Trait theory3 Behavior theory3 Situational theory4 Values-based transformational theory4 Leadership styles5 Transactional leadership5 Transformational leadership6 Autocratic Leadership6 Bureaucratic Leadership7 Charismatic Leadership7 Democratic leadership7 Laissez-Faire Leadership8 Task-oriented Leadership8 People-oriented Leadership8 Servant Leadership9 Leadership and five-factor personality model9 Leadership and Power10 Leadership and Coercion11 Leadership and Management11 Conclusion12 References13 Leadership Introduction Today all organizations, whether large or small are occupied in a cutthroat business environment. Organizations are competing aggressively with each other. ...
Globalization Of Apple
Globalization of Apple Globalization of Apple Introduction Globalization refers to the interaction and incorporation between people, organizations and governments from all over the world. It is a process which is backed by international trade and investment and driven by information technology. The entire process of globalization has impacts on the economic progression, political ...
Assignment 5 people Management, The Mantra For Success: The Case Of Singhania And Partner
Assignment 5 People Management, the Mantra for Success: The Case of Singhania and Partner Abstract In this study we try to explore the concept of IHRM in a holistic context. The focus of the research is on retention of employees and its relation with IHRM policies. The research also analyzes many aspects ...
Skype For Business Communication
Skype for Business Communication Skype for Business Communication Introduction The life blood of an organization is information and to effectively and efficiently convey information, communication is very important and necessary. Today communication is done through several ways and social media is one of the important ways to communicate Facebook, Skype, Twitter, ...
Industry Analysis Of Food Trucks In Philadelphia
Industry Analysis Of Food Trucks In Philadelphia Industry Analysis Of Food Trucks In Philadelphia Introduction In today's fast pace of competition, it has become difficult for the entrepreneurs to establish the new businesses and to survive among the competitors in the industry. The entrepreneurs are required to make the careful analysis of the ...
5 Hours Energy Shots
5 HOURS ENERGY SHOTS Introducing 5 Hours Energy Shots in Kazakhstan Introducing 5 Hours Energy Shots in Kazakhstan Introduction With the end of the recent economic recession, major businesses across the globe are on a path to recovery. The market environment has evolved significantly over the past decade. There is cut-throat competition as smaller ...
Investment Analysis Of Pepsi Bs. Coco Cola
Investment Analysis of Pepsi Bs. Coco Cola Investment Analysis of Pepsi Bs. Coco Cola Introduction to Pepsi Co. Pepsi operates in consumer oriented goods industry and its core operations involve producing, marketing, and selling a range of food items, snacks and drinks. Pepsi Co. is engaged in producing a wide range of ...
Tauberoil Oil Company
Tauberoil Oil Company Introduction Tauberoil is an independent oil company that markets to a diverse clientele. It is a service oriented company that is known for being amongst the most reliable. In this paper, I will be addressing its basic business functions and what the company offers. Discussion and Analysis The company is a ...
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