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Research Papers on Business

Business involves various activities that are intended to earn profits. Goods and services are produced and exchanged in businesses. A thorough research is required to prepare business research papers. This takes a lot of time of the writer. Now Researchomatic is presenting thousands of business research papers that surely provide ease to the writer in finding relevant material for their business research papers.

Two Organizations
Two Organizations Two Organizations Company Culture and Performance The two companies selected for the purpose of comparison are Apple and Nokia. Both the companies belong to the industry of telecommunication and technologies. Both the companies have been exceptional in providing innovative products to the customers along with job satisfaction to its employees. ...
Aaron Feuerstein Vs. Jack Welch - Corporate Social Responsibility
Aaron Feuerstein vs. Jack Welch - Corporate Social Responsibility Aaron Feuerstein vs. Jack Welch - Corporate Social Responsibility Question 1: Aaron Feuerstein's view of Corporate Social Responsibility & My Position I agree to the fact that CSR is a necessary component of an organizations strategy. My position on this statement is ...
International Human Resource
International Human Resource International Human Resource Introduction This paper discusses setting up of our company in Beijing, China for a new production facility in this geographic region. This requires hiring of many local workers for all aspects of the facility (e.g., production, supervision, shipping, and other line functions. This report will include ...
International Business Class: Panama’s Overview
International Business Class: Panama's Overview International Business Class: Panama's Overview Introduction Republic of Panama is a former Spanish Colony located between Costa Rica in Central America and Colombia in South America. As per the records of 1998, the total population of Panama was 2.77 million. The four largest cities of the country are ...
FedEx FedEx Brief Overview of the Company This industry which is a modern ground/air express industry was said to be incepted as federal Express in the year of 1971 and it was developed as a corporation in the year of 1998 and was named as FDX Corporation which was later rendered to FedEx ...
Global Operations Management
Global Operations Management Global Operations Management Introduction A record growth and pace has been witnessed in the international operations. It is the effect of globalization which enhances the business operations throughout the world. According to the US Department of Commerce & Economics, the investment from overseas grew by 12% (i.e. from $80 billion ...
Research Project 1
Research Project 1 Abstract Market structure is the main feature of the market, which includes the number and size of firms that exist in the market, the degree of similarity or dissimilarity of goods of different firms, ease of entry of new vendors and exit and the availability of market information. ...
How Organizations Relate Strategically to Their Environments
How Organizations Relate Strategically To Their Environments How Organizations Relate Strategically To Their Environments Introduction It is not new, by the nature of the environments in which they are embedded, and for the notion that in ways that are fundamental, the organizations are shaped. Efforts to improve processes or systems must be ...
Impact Of The Uk’s Recession
IMPACT OF THE UK'S RECESSION Impact of the UK's Recession Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Impact of the UK's Recession Introduction The recession has had a highly influential but insubstantial impact on the business as well as on behaviours of consumers. During the last year, the economy of the world has come across ...
Reflection Paper
Reflection Paper Reflection Paper The initial chapter of the book by Otto Kernberg's gives idea about the Psychoanalytical contribution to the group and the organizational psychology which have a puzzling quality. There are few of the theoretical contributions that have explained that there lie less impact over of the scientific, intellectual and ...
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