1 Corinthians-Paul

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1 Corinthians-Paul

1 Corinthians-Paul


Paul's reviews in Corinthians grabbed interest of many religious college students who study bible in several ways. It stars with Origen and continued to reoccur through the Center Age groups to the middle ages many theology- gains validated going beyond the simply significance of the "letter" of Scripture to its allegorical "spiritual" concept by attractive to Paul's terms, "For the mail eliminates, but the Soul gives life". Although in different style, some contemporary college student's per-sits in developing their hermeneutical technique on this key text. Richardson says that "the most successful range of enquiry for a biblical base for hermeneutics" is in the letter/spirit comparison in 2 Corinthians 3 because of its "demand for presentation at the in-stagnation of the Soul."2 Steinmetz needs a come back to me-devil concept of stages of significance because the textual content truly "contain both spirit and letter” (Grant, 1984).


In 1 Corinthians Paul is addressing a problem in the church where the congregation is out of order while speaking in tongues during the church assembly. The objective in studding this book is to understand the use of tongues in an assembly. The other reason is to understand the principle that governs the assembly of the church. To understand this passage one must dissect it verse by verse 1-5 tell us something concerning the gift of utterance was wrong this error could bring reproach to the church so Paul intervene through the gift of prophesy to put the church in order. I think Paul new the gifts God gave him, and new it was his duties to apply it to his service to God and his people.

In a common feeling, really like, benevolence, excellent will; that frame of mind of center which hills men to think positively of their other men to think positively of their other men, and to do them excellent. In a theological feeling, it contains better really like to God, and worldwide excellent will to men.

The second key phrase is to desire spiritual gifts. I believe Paul made this statement because of the magnitude of the gifts to convict and empower one to live a righteous life before God, and to bestow love, good will, and kindness to fellow men that one may do kingdom building not tearing down.

The third thing Paul mention is prophesies. I believe he said this because it is use by God to communicate to his people through his people. We are all vehicle, which can and may be used at any given time to support, comfort, edify, exhort Gods people.

1.Edification is “building up.” It is a development phrase, and talks our being “built up” in the Master. A concept of prediction will develop someone up, not split him or her down.

2. Exhortation is motivation. It is like the conversation from the instructor in the locker area, rallying the group to go out and execute as they have been qualified to execute. A concept of prediction will motivate someone, not prevent him or ...
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