1000 Years Of Revelation (The Millennium)

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1000 years of Revelation (The millennium)

Table of Contents




Nature of the Millennium4

The Timing of the Millennium (in relation to the Second Coming of Christ)5

The Duration of the Millennium7

The Occupants of the Millennial Kingdom7

The Relationship of Israel and the Church to the Millennial Kingdom9

End Notes11

1000 years of Revelation (The millennium)


The main purpose of this paper is to discuss a paper supporting the millennial view that I believe is best supported by scripture. This paper discusses the nature of the millennium, the timing (in relation to the second coming of Christ) and duration of the millennium. This paper also discusses the occupants of the millennial kingdom, and the relationship of Israel and the Church to the Millennial Kingdom.


The 1000 years of revelation is the time period of 1000 years that describes the era in which the Christ will come on the earth and Israel will rule the world. This time would be a good time for the believers and a bad time for the Satan. The believers of this philosophy believes that in this millennium the rulers on the earth will be Christ's. The believers have the belief that in this era Jesus will come back to the earth and will revive his believers and will rule over the world for a period of 1000 years in the city of Jerusalem. They believe that the resurrection and judgment day will begin after 1000 years and this would be the renewal of the heavens on earth. This will be the everlasting kingdom for the Christ and he will be back to this kingdom on the earth. The believers of premillennialists have the belief that God has made p[promises to the Israel that he will return them the land, and he will fulfill this promise in the millennial age by returning them the land. This belief is somehow considered as the disagreement among the premillennialists regarding the saint's work during this millennium. Most of the scholars have the belief that the main role of the saints will be to act as priests and kings with Christ. On the other hand, some have the belief that the Jews will convert into Christianity and then they will become the ruler of the Gentiles. No matter what is the belief but the result of all believes is that the rulers will be the Christians.

Nature of the Millennium

This kingdom consists of 1000 time span in which it is anticipated that the rulers of world capital will be the Christ. This time would be the fulfillment of the Abrahamic, Davidic and the New Covenant. This time would be bad for Satan, and his devils and they will be moved to hell.

Utopia will exist in nature at that time, and this time would be the removal of curse from nature, extreme heat and cold. There would be a renovation in the geography of many places of the world. There will be extraordinary growth in crops, and elimination of violence in the animal world, and conversion of meat eaters to ...
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