Sonic 1000 Pda

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Sonic 1000 PDA

Sonic 1000 PDA Marketing Plan

The Sonic product will enter a market saturated with offers from different brands like Palm, HP, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba and other competitors. The marketing plan is develops below shows how it is preparing Sonic to market its first PDA.

Situation Analysis

There is great volatility associated to these data generating differences substantial differences among different agents for different periods forecast. Sonic The PDA is designed to meet the needs communication and information of individual users and companies. Our PDA meets these needs by providing the following benefits: ability to stay in touch, ability to register and record information while away from home or outside the office, the possibility to develop different functions communication without using additional devices. The product covers also a need for additional staff, the possibility to express the individuality of the wearer to incorporate housing with different colors and designs. Despite intense competition from Palm, Hewlett-Packard, Sony and other manufacturers of PDA, Sonic can have several advantages over them. First, the PDA includes a speech recognition system under license from Cell port Systems, a unique feature that simplifies use and allows perform different operations without using the stylus or keyboard. In Second, we offer some features that only found in higher-priced products from the competition. In Third, the PDA may include any peripheral that is compatible with the Palm system, which adds more versatility. Finally, fourthly, the device incorporates many features that only appear as options in other brands, yet is cheaper than competing models. However, our main weaknesses are the lack of a recognition and strong brand image in the market, the blank screen and the fact that it is a model slightly heavier than the competition.

The following sections provide more details on the market, demographics, and policy market needs, trends and market growth SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, product offerings, key for success, critical issues and an analysis of macro and microenvironment.

Market Trends

In the Today, Palm seems to enjoy some hegemony as for market dominance although forecasts suggest that growth of Pocket PC based PDA will be greater, so some forecasts put this system slightly above Palm system in the U.S. market and a greater difference in Overall, mainly due to the dominance of Pocket PC in Europe. It is also important to consider the existence of other systems emerging operational can succeed in the long term, all the appearance of the first PDA with Linux or Symbian which uses some of the so-called PDAs or mobile phones-Smart. These other systems may come to oust the basic systems worldwide. The proliferation of products and increasing competition fort has resulted in lower prices and lower profit margins in the industry. 

The lower prices are helping to increase sales, especially in the segment under the individual customer segment. Initially, Handspring enjoyed margins of over 30 percent; these margins are unattainable today in an environment where price competition remains a primary tool. At same time, customers who had bought the first PDA generations are beginning to re-enter the market ...
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