A Book Review For The Book Assessment As Learning

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A Book Review for the Book Assessment as Learning

Assessment as Learning


The book assessment as learning is written by Lorna M. Earl who is working as a director in Aporia Consulting Limited. Formerly, she was the associate professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education in Toronto. She has also been research director in school for more than twenty years. She examined the education quality throughout her researching period. She worked for enhancing the learning process for students.

This book assessment as learning is about how traditional learning and the education system can be moved towards the assessment model that is found to be more motivating as this new system is more appealing, relevant, attractive and imaginative. This system assists students to make connections among studies, assessments and day to day lives. This is very interesting because it has a great deal of ideas to conduct own assessment plans in the classroom. It covers three main ideas that are assessment of learning, assessment for learning and assessment as learning. It has inspiring chapters that include the motivational aspects that encourage students to assess their learning their selves. It is not just a tool for assessment and student evaluation instead it is a complete strategy for classroom learning. This book helps a student when he wants to personally monitor his growth and to know how much he has learnt so far. The assessment as learning is effective to monitor the performance, adjustments and adaptations where ever needed.


The book assessment as learning is the amazing creation of Lorna M. Earl which was published in 2003. This marvelous book gives an in-depth insight on the classroom assessment. This has changed the traditional class room learning process with the new concept of assessment in regular class room sessions. This book focuses on the connection of the role of teaching and assessment in the learning process. It is organized around the eleven chapters; each chapter holds a unique sense for the assessment process. The chapter one is about how the new idea of assessment is linked with the learning process. The second chapter contains a brief historical background of the assessment process. It also focuses on the idea that how it is useful in the class room assessment system. The third chapter considers the process of assessment of learning, assessment for learning and assessment as learning. The fourth chapter is about conveying the idea of learning ...
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