Book Review On Hooking Up Sex Dating And Relationships On Campus

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Book review on hooking up sex dating and relationships on campus


In recent years, the phenomenon of dating and having sex amongst university and college student has taken a great uplift. The book written by Kathleen A Bogle “Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus” focus upon this notion and gain insights about the notion. However, this paper highlights the key aspects presented in the book by Bogle. However, in recent times the hook ups are happening every day, but they are more frequent on weekend. In the mist of growth due to hormone changes, alcohol and drugs, male and female students from college and university meet at fraternity parties, bars, dorm rooms, and hook up usually for an evening of sex and enjoyment first, then inquires later about the person they got into (Bogle, 2008, pp. 4- 212).

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However, the book written by Bogle “Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus” focuses upon this true notion which highlights the importance of it and capture the minds of undergraduate and graduate college students as well as people who may be interesting to learn about the hook up culture. The intent of this paper is to analyze this book as it show the true inequality between sexes in relation to hook ups. However, the book comprises of an overview of a college social structure that exists and specifically, the opportunities collegians have for sexual and dating relationships. It is basically a physical preference that is not normally repeated with the same person. In fact, some females or males might wind up waiting for a "call" to come over and "hook up," or just a simple text message. This is not on a relationship base but is much more like “friends with benefits''. Unfortunately, it often comes with a lack of commitment concept and ends with no strings attached. Secondly, due the widespread of hook ups, dating is slowly deteriorating. Hookups have been the replacement for dating on most campuses today. There is no great interest in marriage anymore. Finally, the whole idea of this book is to offers valuable insight on the hook-up trend prevalent on college campuses and how campus life promotes unexpected sex (Bogle, 2008, pp. 4- 212).


According to the knowledge provided Kathleen A. Bogle, it can be said that the book allocates highly effective research on the hookup culture and related notions. She only pulled from a very small sample, comprised almost entirely of white, heterosexuals from one state and one religious school each, so by her own admission her findings aren't to be taken as universal. Instead, she encourages other sociologists to build upon what she's already published especially since "media reports often portray an extreme version of hooking up that do not add clarity to the discussion. The more research dissecting the hookup in all its myriad forms, the more scientists can challenge popular assumptions and depictions. Although the author's work is informative and repetitive, there could be a lot more done for ...
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