A Harlem Tragedy

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This story is about two neighbors who had been friends before they got married and now that they are married, they are also neighbors in an apartment and they share close ideas and thoughts of each other. They even share their personal life's with each other, and this story depicts the difference of life that both of them are living.

Main Body

Mrs. Cassidy who had been a very good friend of Mrs. Fink, their friendship started off by working at a factory, and now both of them were good neighbors and had a consistent relationship of friendship where they would share their lives and problems. Mr. Cassidy was a tough man, who would come home every Saturday night and beat Mrs. Cassidy for no reason. Being hurt badly, Mrs. Cassidy would always stay quiet and calm over the torture, because when Mrs. Cassidy would gain his consciousness, he would bring in gifts for Mrs. Cassidy. At times Mrs. Cassidy would provoke Mr. Cassidy to hit her so that she could get things that she wanted to have for herself. The part of Mrs. Cassidy has been shown of a lady, who has learnt to compromise in a relationship, and with this compromise, she has learnt to gain benefits out of it. Mrs. Cassidy knows that her husband is of such a nature where he would harm her, but at the same time, Mrs. Cassidy knows that no relationship works out without compromise and cooperation. With this attitude, Mrs. Cassidy has learnt to live her life like this and she has not envisaged her life without being beaten up by her husband.

On the other hand, Mrs. Flank leads to live a very simple and calm life. Mr. Flank is more of a ...
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