A Research Proposal On “prevention Of Child Sexual Abuse: School And Community Efforts To Prevent And Treat Sexual Abuse”

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A Research Proposal on “Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse: School and Community Efforts to Prevent and Treat Sexual Abuse”



I would first like to express my gratitude for my research supervisor, colleagues, peers and family whose immense and constant support has been a source of continuous guidance and inspiration.


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Chapter 1- Introduction6

Outline of the Study6

Background of the Research6

Purpose of the Study7

Significance of the Study7

Problem Statement8

Aims and Objectives9

Research Questions9

Chapter 2- Literature Review11

The Cycle of Sexual Abuse11

Effects of Child Sexual Abuse12

Prevalence of Sex Offenders13

Role of Parents/Teachers14

Chapter 3- Methodology17

Research Methodology17

Meta- Analysis17

Data Collection and Analysis17


Reliability and Validity18



In today's advanced world everyone realizes importance of preventing child sexual abuse. Its consequences on the victim and its effects on the society could bear unimaginable damage to both. In our study we attempt to highlight the serious issue of child sexual abuse and the school and community efforts that can help reduce child abuse. Every progressive society realizes the importance of such an evil. Various studies conducted on child abuse and its prevention would be discussed extensively throughout our study and inferences would be drawn. A meta-analysis would be conducted based on the extensive research and literature available on the subject. The sociological and psychological consequences of the nuisance would also be discussed. The study is meant to increase the current knowledge and enhance an understanding of its implications and consequences. Chapter 1- Introduction

Outline of the Study

The topic of our study is “Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse: School and Community Efforts to Prevent and Treat Sexual Abuse”. The first chapter of the study would be introductory and would highlight the purpose and significance of the study. The second chapter will present a detailed review of the relevant existing literature on the subject. It would also include a list of related topics and issues necessary to understand the purpose of the study. The third chapter would cover the methodology of our study. In the fourth chapter, the analysis and findings of the study would be presented. The final chapter of the study would be a conclusion and would summarize the main study and provide useful recommendations for further research.

Background of the Research

The issue of child sexual has gained enough popularity over the years; primarily due to its severe and negative consequences on the innocent victims and the society. Communities across the world are realizing the importance of the issue and devising strategies to counter the issue. Schools on the other hand play a vital role in preventing and eradicating child sexual abuse from the society. Sigmund Freud introduced the concept of sexual abuse in homes during the early 1900s. He later retracted this theory of children being innocent victims of sexual abuse and focused more on female victims as ...
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