A Visit To Museum

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A Visit to Museum


The museum I visited is the North Carolina Museum of Art house. It is one of the finest collections of art in the Southeast, an assemblage that encompasses paintings and sculpture comprising 5,000 years of creative achievements from antiquity to the present. The Museum has more than 40 galleries as well as more than a dozen works of art in its 164-acre (0.66 km2) Museum Park. West Building, accomplished in April 2010 as part of a foremost expansion task, retains the Museum's enduring assemblage, and East Building characteristics exceptional exhibitions.

Description and Analysis

The Museum of North Carolina has defended the state's history for over 100 years. The museum tells the stories of generations of residents of North Carolina, as well as those who arrived recently. It features permanent and temporary exhibits that include artifacts and photographs, with audio-visual components and manuals. An exciting schedule of programs and activities provides people of all ages the opportunity to experience the rich heritage of North Carolina. The Museum Shop offers a wide selection of articles related to North Carolina including ceramics, books, toys, jewelry and textiles.

The museums display collections, i.e., sets of objects and information that reflect some aspect of human existence or the environment. Such collections, often valuable, existed from antiquity: the temples were kept in objects of worship or offerings from time to time are exhibited to the public so he could look at them and admire them. There is old and prolonged history of museum as repositories for things. It is real physical objects that is left over by past. There is duty of museum to collect, stored and present and understand to the benefit and serve for the people and community for the future and present.

Carefully hold this obligation and responsibility has come to be seen as embraces this responsibilities which they have come to be seen as mausoleums - mere. Museum has spaces for storage purpose which contain glass cases and shelves which is filled with artifacts. It is identify by curling, fading and labels. On the other hand we live in modern era and digital world. Advance technology has become part of our lives and it can see that technology has come into every aspects of life. 'Information Superhighway' and computer have been detained on by business and government; it has solutions of every problem

Everywhere technology uses and it is very easy to solve the ...
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