Academic Performance: Nursing

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Academic Performance: Nursing

Academic Performance: Nursing


The basic aim of the study is to know whether the factors age, ethnicity and part time employment could affect the academic achievement for nurses (Risemberg, 2002).Everything that relates to nursing and its scholastics with the reference of the other dynamics involved within. The study problem is to find out how the performance could be altered if the variables are not constant as well as they are changing within thoroughly.

Problem and Purpose

The sudden scarcity of nurses has increased prevalently the momentum to expand and reach through it, conferring mount to more mature student's age wise. The rest of the students that fall from other various ethnic and cultural groups in nursing programs also come under the roof. Coinciding this to the above, they are even forcefully sent to part time nursing school jobs meanwhile continuing the education career as well.

This has caused extreme difficulties to counteract the job-related exertion amongst the pressure of achieving well academically. This problem is observed very relentlessly amongst the nursing students who are exerted into such matters. It is generally found in nurses and how their schedule as well as the course content does not validate each other consequently.

Research Objectives

There has been a sudden shortage seen in the labor force of nursing in the previous decade. This is how the nurses reaching the age of retirement have come along to such a level where alongside a huge force is seeking for getting retirement. The rest has to deal with the amount of how the nurses will be recruited within the appropriate time to coincide to the existing demand. This shortage will only then overcome if the take on of new workforce will be done quickly and not to leave behind efficiency.

The diversification of nurses and getting a broad overlook of their potentials, skills and talents can bring in a change and conquer the gap in between. Part time employment has had a hazardous impact on the effectiveness of the students on their academic career as they are indulging themselves to work and so they do not get time to have hands on with the study material. The focus on studies goes unattended then (Pintrich, 2000).

However, only a few nursing students get to see the impact of their employment over their studies but it is to be seen that the interdependence on each other should not occur. Age and non English speaking background (NESB) are two major factors in the first initiative to look across of how they may influence the other in any way possible.

It has been seen the majority of the employment is of women in the particular field (ANER, 2002). According to it, they are opted from major areas rather than the minorities through which only a scrupulous quantity of applicants would fall into it.

Therefore, to broaden the horizons, the pool of candidates should be expanded. This gives a chance of getting an enlarged overview of different kinds of background with vast ...
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