Adoption Of Children By Gays, Lesbians And Transgender

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Adoption of Children by Gays, Lesbians and Transgender

Adoption of Children by Gays, Lesbians and Transgender


Gay marriages have very recently gained excessive promotion and practice in recent days. In primitive times, anyone and everyone would consider homosexual marriages as a sin, considering it simply out of question.

In today's world of modernization and futuristic belief, matrimonial relationships among boys (gay marriages) and girls (lesbian marriages) is considered appropriate. The thought that provokes when discussing gay marriages is generally uncomfortable, placing the generations-our brood and offspring-at risk of developing disastrous and disturbed mental patterns. This paper encompasses exactly what and how are gay marriages made to impact and affect the minds of children (Koepke et al, 1992).


The same-sex partner of a man or a woman with a child can adopt this child? Gays and lesbians can they accept or adopt children as individuals or as couples?

According to the survey conducted by the European Commission: the refusal of adoption is tantamount to discrimination. This discrimination is usually based on the view that being raised by homosexual parents would be detrimental to the child, perhaps because this may lead to the confusion about gender roles or gender identity, or difficulties in social relationships. Much research has been conducted on this subject over the last twenty five years (see for example, Lesbian and Gay Parenting). None established that the fact be raised by homosexual parents would have handicapped the children, nor that homosexual parents are worse parents than heterosexual parents, nor that these children are more likely to become homosexuals themselves(Turner, 1993).

Another concern that is frequently expressed is that children rose by lesbians or gay men are themselves capable of developing a homosexual orientation. The adoption of children by gay couples or gay adoption is a very sensitive ...
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