Gay Adoption Rights

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Gay Adoption Rights

Adoption of children by gay parents

Generally when people discuss and debate upon the issues of homosexuals and their corresponding relationships, thinking about upbringing children in an apparently confrontational environment seems to be a challenge. Every child deserves a parent; the never-ending love and affectionate backing coming from a mother and the target-oriented, yet subtle love of a father are basic needs of a child in order for him or her to grow. Children make the world a better place merely by being themselves. However, they need people to raise them and keep them safe. Gay, straight, or (shudder) lesbian, a loving home, is a loving home. Here, are some other reasons:

1. Lesbian raised (laised) children will grow up working on cars. Lesbians are also the first people to call you out if you are being a little bitch. This results in a new wave of honest mechanics-a previous oxymoron become a blissful reality (Baumrind, 1967).

2. Gay raised (graised) babies will have a flair for interior decoration and brunching. This will result in a rash of well decorated restaurants, and Sunday fun days. Nothing takes the edge off a hellish week better than a drunken Sunday.

3. Laised babies will single handedly bring down this country's socially harmful mullet regime. The last thing you want to do is look like your parents. Laised babies will rebel against mullets in a way nobody else ever has. They may actually be able to defeat the mighty mullet mania that has gripped Middle America tighter than Kim Kardashian's control top hose.

4. Graised babies will be beautiful. Precious few people in the world is as vain as gay men. Graised babies will have an appreciation for eating well and working out. They will be the supermodels of tomorrow, but able to brunch responsibly without throwing up (Case, 2000).

5. Laised babies will clean the air. As everyone knows, lesbians are born with a set of special gills right below their boobs-this is why they always wear such loose clothing over their sports bras, also why everyone refers to them as Fish. In these times of ecological turmoil, we need all the clean air we can get (Case, 2000).

Gay couple adoption does not come within the ambit of traditional family relations. Moreover, whether or not a couple can adopt within any particular state may depend upon what county they live in. However, some states may put regulations on who are able to adopt, the question always goes back to what's in the best interest of the children. In the article, “Gay Adoption Serves the Best Interests of Children” Shannon Minter attempts to persuade her reader that the exclusion of gays and lesbian from adopting are not right. In today's society, being gay is one of the main reason people are not allowed to adopt. Minter believes that deciding if someone is capable of adopting should be based on primary factors for providing a great living space to a child and not on that person's ...
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