Advancement Of Technology Changed Human In A Negative Way

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Advancement of Technology Changed Human In A Negative Way


The essay titled, Advancement of Technology Changed Human in A Negative Way, is written for the purpose of identifying few dark shades associated with technology that has detrimental effects on human kind in one way or the other. Technologies like nuclear, medical and internet clearly have improved the lives of mankind on earth but the same technologies, if exploited, have some undesired consequences. Human is being affected by the advancement of technologies in a way that is changing the fundamental social and cultural values which has been there since the dawn of civilization. Unchecked advancement of technologies may continue to increase the threat of unseen and undesired outcomes. This essay will follow a comprehensive discussion followed by a meaningful conclusion that will help us to draw some meaning decision making information out of it regarding the notion.


According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Technology is defined as the application of scientific knowledge to the useful endeavors of human life or the change and manipulation of the human environment. Technology is a word with Greek origins which collectivity portrays the abilities, advancements, undertakings, creation, knowledge and views of human beings of the whole universe. Technology can be traced back to the ancient times in the form of mastery of fire, development of lever to lift heavy objects, and prehistoric weapons forms for hunting purposes. Advancement in technologies is evident from mastery of fire in prehistoric times to the development of main frame computers and conquering the space by landing on the surface of the moon. As the definition indicated, it is used to lessen the burden of human endeavors, but the 2nd part of the definition is worth noticing; Manipulation or exploitation of environment. At this point, an important question rises in our mind i.e., is technology good or bad? Obviously there are infinite applications of technology which has made our lives so better that we have not imagined. On the other side, we can witness the dark side of technology if we just turn the pages of history. In fact, in today's world, we can easily determine the downside of the modern technologies that has negatively impacted the human and his/her life (Grumbach, 2009)

The following discussion will also concentrate on the negative aspect of advancement in technologies on the human.


Advanced technologies are latent threats to annihilate the existing environment. Even though technologies have helped mankind to acclimatize an easier mode of life, on the other hand, in the long run it might not be as advantageous as humans appreciate. Numerous technologies have directed to persistent destruction in the environment this includes industrial power plants, automobiles and medicines which in turn has impacted the Humans.


Since the dawn of industrialization, humans have witnessed drastic changes in his personal, social and professional spheres. The most obvious change is our increased dependant on technology to do even our daily work so much so that we are not even willingly to thing before we act. Industrialization has ...
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