Technology Advancements

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Technology Advancements Technology Advancements

It is clear that medicine has undergone a major improvement in the last century through the implementation and modernization of technology, whether heavy machinery, such as a ventilator, or refined, such as chips and endoscopy. This upgrade has enabled today can make any kind of surgery with a lower degree of invasion and discomfort from the patient, and has also provided, reducing the risks (Anderson, Gerard F., Uwe E. Reinhardt, and Peter S. Hussey, et al, 2003). There is no doubt that the quality of life has progressed greatly from medical technology, not only from a physical point of view (the level of mortality, and infant mortality has decreased markedly), but also from the mindset of being human, as many discoveries have given explanations to existential doubts and enigmas such as: where are the differences between humans and the similarities between family members? Has put an end to many fatal diseases, has brought hope to millions of people around the world with urgent needs, such as organ transplantation. Fifty years ago people did not have any weapons against diseases such as breast cancer, can now fight it openly and have a good chance to succeed. Perhaps in the not too distant future, the technology enables the discovery of new treatments for diseases that today are almost incompatibles. Course also questioned certain medical procedures such as abortion, although implemented before now much more common practice for technological development has become a safe alternative (for mother). This is so true that in some countries is used as a contraceptive. In Spain, over fifty percent of women undergo at least two abortions throughout their reproductive life (Hussey, Peter, Gerard, 2004).

The example of technological advancements in healthcare system and medicine is given below;

The microprocessor is a highly integrated circuit type. ...
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