How Has The Influence Of Computers And Technology Affected International Business?

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How Has the Influence of Computers and Technology Affected International Business?


In international business, Computer and Technology plays a very serious responsibility. It used to represent and refer to material products of human fabrication that would assist the growth of a company referring to a societal enterprise regarding complex knowledge, people, skills, and facilities, organizations that devoted to research, development, production and operation of systems.

Over hundreds of years, new technologies eras invented from time to time that actually exist in a modern world today that really made a total impact in different forms of business. In such way that international businesses today are very reliant on technologies that if technology will be gone, it is already a principle of the company that all sorts of business man oeuvre will eventually stop or slow down its progress. Almost all companies attached with the interactive technologies to maximize and increase the promotion strategies to reach the peak of achievement for the development of the company through those advancements in time (Howells, pp.523-31).

Technology affects the development of trade and commerce around the global market. International Businesses previously were still ranging using the kind of technology from the most basic to a more complex system of today's innovations. The international business world is changing along with the advancement of technologies in international business.

Impact of Computer and Technology on International Business

Computer and Technology is very important in our lives because everything in life becomes easier with the help of technological inventions. Computer and technology helps us do research at home instead of going to the library. The songs put into memory and we no longer need to buy different CDs. Without technology, our lives would be at a standstill. We have several electronic gadgets at home, like electric stoves, micro-wave, washing machines, stoves, AC. Heating system, computers, mobiles, etc. Nintendo and other video games started for the younger generation to learn by playing. Another leading technology is Windows Vista, on which we can play DVDs easily, download movies fast, watch and record favorite TV shows, etc. Plasma and LCD Monitors are the recent trend among youngsters. All these technologies have actually made a difference in the lives of people. They make our work easier, faster and better. Suppose if we had no computers, we would be writing all the stuff in a paper instead of typing on the computer. Computer is the most important invention of the 20th century. It has totally revolutionized the world (Doganova, pp.1559-70).

Technology is not only building bridges between people on opposite sides of the globe but it is also building stronger walls between relatives, neighbors and friends by interaction through social networking sites. The world has turned into a global village as we can use the computer technology to better understand the people and overcome physical distance. Mutual relationships can be established by mutual understanding via Internet. As computers have been integrated into our lives in each and every field, life without computers is truly unimaginable. To satisfy the growing needs of youth, students, professionals, businessmen, teachers, scientists, doctors, engineers, pilots; in short, people from all aspects ...
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