Impact Of Technology On The Art Of War In World War I

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Impact of Technology on the Art of War in World War I


The purpose of this research paper is to discuss the impact technology had on the art of war in World War One. There were many technological advances that occurred before and during the First World War. These advances impacted the war in both positive and negative manner. The negative effect included the massive loss of lives and the destruction of infrastructure. The positive effects were from the perspective of the Allies and Central Powers as they were able to kill more enemies and gain advantage over each other. People learnt many lessons during and after the war. Those lessons were used in the wars thereafter to avoid making the same mistakes again.


The intensity of World War I was increased due to the combination of nineteenth century military tactics and twentieth century technology. The war began with the cavalry being the primary force in military service. The commanders were of the view that World War I would be like the Franco-Prussian War. However, they were wrong in their thoughts. The war resulted in unthought-of bloodshed and loss of lives. Technology played a vital role in the way the war was conducted. There are many technologies that impacted the war, and lessons learnt from previous wars led to the development of new and improved war craft (Tucker, pp. 10).


Art of War and Technology

The 'Art of War' in World War I was greatly impacted by advances in technology. Technological advances of the time enhanced the ability of armies and navies to gain advantage over weaker enemies. There were many warfare weapons introduced and developed in World War I. It was the first major large-scale war of the world. During that time (from the late 1800's until the outbreak in 1914) it was obvious to all the countries that a big war would eventually and inevitably happen. In order to prepare for the big war, Americans, Europeans and all others developed and built weapons and large-scale machinery (March and Beamish, pp. 10). The development of new weaponry and war craft was a result of advances in technology.

Why Technology Was Developed for World War I?

Interestingly, some technology had already existed, such as airplanes, but WW1 was the first time they were used for purposes of war. While other technologies were invented as a direct result of the war, like tanks, which were conceived as a way of overcoming the deadlocked trench positions of the western front. The navies of all the countries especially swelled up in size as the British relentlessly built dreadnought battleships and the Germans built submarines (LC, pp. 01).

Another reason why there was so much technology was because of the recent industrial advancements. It was simply easier, cheaper, and quicker to produce weapons like artillery guns and shells than it was to conscript and train soldiers. So they just made as much as they could and fired them in battle. Sometimes this occurred for days at a time, even when there ...
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