Technology And The Art World

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Technology and the Art World

Technology and the Art World


Background of the study

New technology has become an increasing trend in the creative and display of modern New types of media and applications have allowed contemporary art world to move into another dimension and opening a world of new possibilities. Artists now have a wider range of available innovative tools and choose to use these as not only a way to create their work, but to also display it. Such equipments include, but not are limited to: computer software, televisions, projections, digital cameras, sound recorders and video cameras. They are now able to use digital media to convey their own unique concepts, relating to the world in which we live.

Purpose of the study

The main purpose of the study is to discuss the influence and impact of the art world on the modern technology. The beginning of modern art world movement was a very interesting time for science and technology, the basics of chemistry, physics, and mathematics were being established, the electric light bulb had been invented, power stations established, cars, Darwinism, essential it was an exciting time to be alive. Along with the foundation of modern science came an art world revolution.

Significance of the study

This study has a lot of significance in the sense that technology and art is a broad topic and it has so much to discuss.Nam June Paik, TV Cello Nam June Paik was considered to be the first ever video artist. One of his more well-known pieces, TV Cello was a creation of video, sound, photography and electronic effects. Tis piece was constructed from TV monitors coated in clear Perspex stacked into the shape of a cello. The clear covering allows the viewer to see into how the television may work. When his partner, Charlotte Moorman, a classic cellist, drew her bow across the strings, a stream of hallucinogenic images appears on the screen, depicting herself and a splice of iconic moments in the 20th Century. This piece was created and functions as a stream of unconciseness with music and digitally created effects. This sensory experience was felt through visual and audio as a collage of the artists' imaginations. (Stake 2000 454)


This study is based on the qualitative research methodology.

Primary or secondary / Qualitative or Quantitative

The emphasis on subjecting all theoretical concepts, hypotheses, and expectations to empirical demonstration—that is, of testing our ideas—is basically what distinguishes the scientific method from other forms of inquiry. And the principles of scientific methodology, which lend structure to the manner in which such inquiries occur, is what this paper is connected with.

Definition of (Qualitative/Quantitative) Research

For this study we will utilize the qualitative research approach. Qualitative research is much more subjective than quantitative research and uses very different methods of collecting information, mainly individual, in-depth interviews and focus groups. However, since this research study is a secondary qualitative research the data that has been collected for qualitative analysis has been through an extensive review of literature that has been ...
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