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African American literature

African American literature

Devil in a Blue Dress

Walter Mosley has written twenty books in a variety of genres, including essays, science fiction or thrillers translated into 21 languages. Mosley proposes a reconstitution of Manichaeism developed without the atmosphere of the time. Walter Mosley has written anything other than novels. His masterpiece is dedicated to the exploration of the blues: the devil's music pays tribute to bluesman Robert Johnson : Soupspoon Wise old bluesman eaten away by cancer is rescued by her neighbor, a white alcoholic who will struggle to heal , up losing his job, and almost, life. With it, the old bluesman haunted by his memories, starts to play and sing the blues. It is a work full of emotion and poetry.

In His fictional portraits of a wide range of African Americans, not to focus Chooses Mosley Primarily on racism as a dominant theme. (Berrettini, 1999) Rather than portraying black people in relation to whites, in other words as victims of racism, he is more interested in showing blacks simply living their lives, working hard, raising their children, trying to pay the bills. Rather Than portraying black people in relation to whites, in other words as Victims of racism, I is more interested in. He described the American black people as working hard and contributing towards the society. Out of such ordinary lives as these, Mosley has crafted some extraordinary American fiction. Out of ordinary lives Such as These, Mosley some have crafted extraordinary American fiction.

Devil in a Blue Dress tells the story of Ezekial “Easy” Rawlins' efforts to find Daphne Monet and also tells the concurrent story of Rawlins' self-discovery. Set in post-World War II Los Angeles and centering upon the emergent African American community, Devil in a Blue Dress is both conventional detective story and commentary on American social relations. The book's plot is difficult to describe, as the novelist attempts to portray almost all the story's events as duplicitous or as having hidden meaning.

Devil in a Blue Dress is a 1990 hardboiled mystery novel by Walter Mosley. The text centers on the main character, Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins, and his transformation from a day laborer into a detective. (Berger, 1997)The story begins with Easy out-of-work and unable to pay an upcoming mortgage bill. He is sitting in a bar run by Joppy, a friend from Texas, when a man named DeWitt Albright ...
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