African-American Odyssey

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Summary of the African American Odyssey

Summary of the African American Odyssey


The African American Odyssey is better with than launch of the third edition. Reload accounts, background coverage, an approach expanded (the American West and beyond America), allow further research, this volume complete all African American history. The fusion of the famous and the unknown, men and women, north and south slave and free, provides a tapestry that weaves together the terror and triumph of the American experience, which allowed him to go beyond suffering a place of hope for a cure (Sidney, 2008). The basis of faith for both the American victory would have been covered more extensively, but is only hinted at in the original sources covered.

This book is telling about the African American history that begins in Africa, where people who were to become African American began their difficult, turbulent, and long journey, a journey marked by sustained suffering also achievement, bravery, and perseverance. The author began their analysis by studying the geography of the continent. They also say that Africa is the birthplace of humanity because they were the people who used stone for shelter and tools.

The book has included rich culture at one tightly intertwined and splendidly distinctive with broader culture of America that was nurtured by African American throughout their history. In the book, The African-American Odyssey, Hine, Hine and Harold present the history of Black Americans in the social, political and cultural context. The author has traced the history of Black men from Africa to the recent times. These Africans, who started their journey as slaves, brought their culture with them and the authors of The African-American Odyssey analyze the features of African-American culture briefly as their main focus is on history (Hine, 2007).

As, the authors write how in the 'middle ...
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