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African Americans


After the cold war, the American society had gone through a number of changes. The biggest change was the proper recognition of the Afro-American people in the country. The Afro-Americans founded a movement to ensure proper and fair treatment for the black people all over America. In the year 1954, the Supreme Court of USA had given a ruling that separate education for children of black people was not in equality with the children of white people, and that the children of blacks should study with the white children. Martin Luther King led this movement. After this movement, the black people got an equal status in the American society.

Malcolm X, Fredrick Douglass, Brent Staples, and Martin Luther King are some of the influential African American leaders who have played a vital role in the progress of the African American community. Their aspiration for promoting education among the African Americans greatly showed in their works. They tried their very hard to spread awareness among the African Americans about the importance of education (Douglass, 2004). Their views regarding the African American struggles of education in the United States have been alike in some ways and different in some.


African Americans are now 30 million, or 12% of the overall population. They are descendants of slaves imported from Africa as colonial America and freed after the Civil War in 1865. The black community is divided between integrationist and separatist nationalists.> The origins of black nationalism. The first attempts to return to ancestral land in Africa took place in the 19th century. Slaves performing forced labor in America were mostly Senegalese ethnic or Kwa and lived in what is now Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo and Dahomey and a part of Nigeria. The State of Liberia as the name implies, was founded by African-American slaves freed by the Yankees before the abolition of slavery and then across America including the Deep South. They settled in Liberia between 1820 and 1865 and after.

Unfortunately they behaved with respect to indigenous controls and Senegal as a conquered country and refused to share power. This divide between Americans and indigenous was instrumental in the recent civil war that brought Liberia to fire and sword. Charles Taylor, one of the ringleaders is of U.S. origin. Today the black community is composed of a major class and an underclass (underclass) between which the gap is widening. Those who remained in urban ghettos live in unimaginable conditions at the turn of the century, poor housing and unsanitary, substandard schools, broken families, teenage pregnancy, drug-related crime, spread of AIDS, etc.

Our purpose here is not to analyze the causes of this de facto state and possible solutions, but to highlight the unbridgeable gulf between the two components of black society. Only Black Muslims arrive where they are well established to retreat drug traffickers. The new black leader Lewis Farakhan, a black Muslim, drew crowds when he calls black separatism and rely on its own ...
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