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AIDA Brochure

AIDA Brochure


For decades scholars and practitioners have been frustrated by the very capacity of either psychological or marketing models to predict consumer behavior. It is essential therefore to try to clearly recognize the many problems, in trying to understand consumer behavior in a precise, reliable and significant way.

Consumers' demand for an exhilarating variety of new products puts ceaseless strain on companies to constantly try and understand consumer behavior. Marketing products thus becomes senseless if the marketers are unaware of the consumers' needs and wants. In the business communications world, brochures are defined as collateral pieces, pieces that can stand alone. The brochure is more effective if using AIDA model that comprises of four vital components of any successful advert, in whatever form it appears.

1. Attract - The most fundamental part of any advert, email, leaflet, sales letter, brochure or any other promotional activity. Tell prospects IMMEDIATELY precisely 'what's in for them'. Without answering this question, why should anybody read any further? Make your headline convincing, attention grabbing and totally irresistible to your target market, or you will lose them.

2. Interest - Once you have productively attracted your prospect you must keep their interest. Re-emphasizing and expanding on the headline, assuming that headline includes the main benefit, can do this. If they like headline they will want more of the same, so immediately follow on from the benefit in the headline.

3. Desire - You need to generate desire in a prospect, because they will buy what they "want" not necessarily what they need. You can do this by commencing bullet points or some more punchy copy. Either way you need to give the customers reasons to desire, to "want" to own your product or service. One of the best ways to do this is to look at the ...
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