Alexander Mckenzie And Sir John Alexander Mcdonald

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Alexander Mckenzie And Sir John Alexander Mcdonald

Alexander McKenzie

Alexander McKenzie was a Scotsman who connected the North West Company in 1812 or 1813.  He expended the summer of 1815 at Spokane and was positioned at Fort George, at the mouth of the Columbia River in 1820.  His untimely end was an issue of large anxiety for the persons of Fort Langley.  For a biography, glimpse Fleming 1940

Fleming 1940 is Fleming, R. Harvey, ed. 1940.  Minutes of Council, Northern Department of Ruperts Land, 1821-31.  London: Champlain Society for the Hudson's Bay Record Society According to a footnote in the Fort Langley Journals, Alexander was slain by the Clallam, January 1828, along with Antoine Perrault, Francois Xavier Tarrhonga (Tarihonga), and tour guides Chartier and Baptiste Boiseau.

The first phase of the strike was conveyed to Fort Langley on 13 February 1828 by Mohican head Sasha.  Sasha said he had learned a report in the Lummi Country that McKenzie and party had been slain by the Clallam somewhere very beside to Whidbey Island.

On 7 March 1828, they obtained phrase from Kwantlen head Whitlekenum about the McKenzie party. Wrote George Barnston in the periodical that day, "Such a Rumour vague as we at present take it to be, tends still to motivate us with grave alert, and if verified the happening will origin much sorrow, and be came to with very significant consequences."

11 March 1828, Sheinten, a Musqueam head halted by with a canoe burden of case fish and said he'd learned the head of the Clallum had kept a constituent of the McKenzie party and "sent him off to Vancouver."

It wasn't until 15 April 1828, that Donald Manson, coming back from Fort Vancouver, conveyed confirmation that all constituents of the McKenzie party had been slain, except for McKenzie's wife, who was taken captive.

It is unclear as to why they were attacked.  One of the most well liked ideas as to why McKenzie and party were slain was that the Clallam had "urgently demanded" that McKenzie NOT visit the Cowichan; McKenzie didn't take their claims gravely and travelled to the Cowichan anyhow, which was counted as an proceed of deceit and betrayal by the Clallam.  Thus, if this was the cause behind the murdering, from the Clallam issue of outlook, it was justified.

Another idea is that McKenzie's wife, the Princess of Wales, a female ...
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