American And Canadian Culture

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American and Canadian Culture


America, the land "Golden Opportunities", is a melting pot of the world for the growing numbers of people. Along with the flowering of the population, comes extraordinary sense of diversity and cultural value. Immigrants who come to America, bringing with them their traditional customs, values and beliefs. Thus, many people today grew up or live in a society of "two worlds". Because of this, we see a lot of cultures "Display" on the bus, in a store or while walking down the street. However, as so often happens, more and more immigrant families to assimilate into American society, culture and traditions are lost. This process is usually described as acculturation, gives questions about why. Why the practice of traditional ethnic customs and beliefs is have lost? Why are so many children are forced or such a powerful need to become "Americanized." This is because people find it difficult to live with the requirements of the two societies, or because there is simply no need for ethnic traditions in American society? Whatever the reason, acculturation has a major influence on American society, as well as individual or group of persons, being acculturated.

Another factor involved in acculturation at the individual level is associated with a sense of belonging. Factors such as urbanization, education, employment and wage a great influence on acculturation. Becoming more civilized: Psychological studies. Acculturations should be there, but not at the point where there is complete loss of cultural values. Ures, need to understand how and why acculturation is very important.

For third-generation immigrants are often fully assimilated into American society and have loose or weak ties with a unique culture, language is first. According to Berry (1976), all individuals who go through the process of acculturation experience acculturative stress. Although I cannot say how the lives of their children, the third generation will be, I can say that the preservation of our cultural heritage and at the same time, knowing and participating in American culture is important, currently residing in "TMS over the world. Second generation can be described as those who live in "two worlds. But then, religion has come into his picture, and it was because of religious faith that my parents pushed my sister and I to keep the greater part of our cultural heritage.


Canadian immigrants in America are never prepared for the culture shock that inevitably affects them. Socially, economically and culturally, Australia and America are very similar, so when differences emerge, it takes us by surprise. As a result of confusion and frustration is called culture shock.

Culture shock can be quite difficult for Canadian immigrants in America. Excitement, enthusiasm, and adventure staying in a new country can quickly turn into anguish and frustration.

There are so many aspects of the lives of Canadian immigrants that will change, prepare for them a certain amount of "shock" of the value - leaving you to better adapt and adopt. This page will also provide many tips and tricks to get past ...
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