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Business in Canada compare to U.S.

Table of Contents



Cultural elements and dimensions of Canada2


Power of party leadership - This gives the Prime3

Power of appointment - This enables the Prime3



Verbal Communication4

Non verbal Communication5

Personal Space5

Business Communications5


Christianity in Canada6

Canadian Government Law6



Working Conditions7

Manners and customs8

Meeting and Greeting8

Gift Giving9


Primary education10

Secondary Education10

Canadian cultural dimensions in local business10



Canada Growing Economy12

Canada Role in International Businesses12

Import Export of Canada13

Export Products13

Import Products of Canada13

Foreign Direct Investment13

Comparison to the United State's culture and business practices14

Government Structure14



Non-Verbal Communication16

Religion in America16

Religion Law16


Working Conditions17

Human Rights17

American Business culture17


Did you or from you?18


The style of business in the US18

US Education20

Primary Education20

Secondary Education20

Implications for United States businesses conducting business in Canada21

Business ethics21

Social Responsibility21

Cultural awareness22


Business in Canada compare to U.S.


Canada is North America between the Atlantic and eastern Pacific, located in the west to the northern tips of the Arctic, and it the only land border in the south and north-western United States. The second largest industry in Canada, the world's terms, but only in the south, the City group. First Nations Inuit (Aboriginal) from India has launched at least 12,000 years before the agreement, after the Inuit 5,000 years ago. The late 15th century from Europe to land on the East Coast and began to settle in 1600. These details are first established in French and English.

During this time, he is actually a name "Canada" is the name of creating an Iroquois village. 1763 France came from the British colony of France. Canada, in 1867, four British colonies were incorporated. Westminster, according to the law, the law made in 1931, the independence of the constitutional relationship between the UK Government in 1982 by Elizabeth and the other countries, nominal head of Queen Elizabeth II, has been canceled, governor of the Director-General representative. Country's two official languages were English and French and the Desire for independence in Quebec, Canada, the rights of French-speaking Canadians and social contradiction is the central line of the local people (Minor, 2010). Climate change and environmental protection, immigration policy and rely on things as the financial crisis and the relationship between culture and history mixed entangled southern neighbors, there is a symbol of a public debate. (Doherty, 2008)


Canada and United States has a strong relation from years ago. Being neighbors they enjoy trading, communication, strategies, and halves of their history is same till Canada declared as a separate country and nation. Although, they are strongly related to each other, but there are many differences in these two countries. After independence, both the countries have experienced different problems, successes, and norms and values become different from each other. United Sates has always been a strong economic country. Canada and USA have ranked in top ten great economic countries of the world (Roberts, 2008). Canada is expecting to grow faster than the United States over a year. In comparing to ten years growth USA is a bit higher than the Canada. If comparing the two nations Canada can grow rapidly than USA in industrial sector. As per history, the unemployment and public debt seemed ...
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