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Business Report: Capilano Honey LTD

Executive Summary

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the internal and external environment of Capilano Honey LTD. The report discusses the background of the company including the industry analysis. The current situation of honey industry is also being discussed in the report below. Through the help of secondary research, data was collected which helped in drafting the SWOT analysis of the company. On the basis of these analyses a balance score card approach is also designed which discusses the strategies which the company should be using to improve their performance. Various business strategies relevant to Capilano Honey LTD are discussed which provides the user with adequate information about the company. The contemporary accounting techniques use the reward system to motivate employees. The reward system consists of compensation, benefits including no cash benefits are included. All these factors motivates employee working in Capilano Honey LTD thus increasing the performance of the company.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction5

1.1 Scope5

1.2 Purpose5

1.3 Background5

2. Research and investigation process6

2.1 Current Situation of capilano honey LTD6

2.2 Operating Conditions6

2.2.1 Capital Intensity6

2.2.2 Revenue Volatility7

2.3 Competitive Landscape8

2.3.1 Market Share Concentration8

2.4 PEST Analysis10

2.4.1 Political11

2.4.2 Economic11

2.4.3 Technology & Systems11

3. Findings and Recommendations12

3.1 SWOT Analysis12

3.2 Taking advantages of opportunities — key strategic directions13

3.3 Education Strategies for Capilano Honey LTD13

3.4 Marketing initiatives14

3.5 How can the Company increase its domestic retail market share?16

3.6 Differentiating Capilano Honey LTD from Cheap Imports17

3.7 Promotion19

3.8 Pooled pricing19

3.9 Balance Score Card Design20

3.10 Contemporary Accounting Technique21

3.10.1 Employee Recognition/Rewards21

3.10.2 Employee Motivation21

3.10.3 Measuring Performance22

3.10.4 Compensatory rewards22

3.10.5 Non-cash incentives22

4. Conclusion22

Appendix A: Current Situation of capilano honey LTD27

Appendix B: Competitive Landscape30

Appendix C: PEST Analysis32

Appendix D: SWOT Analysis35

Appendix E: How can the Company increase its domestic retail market share?39

Appendix F: Pooled Pricing42

Appendix G: Education Strategies for Capilano Honey LTD45

Appendix H: Balance Score Card Design47

Appendix I: Contemporary Accounting Technique52

Business Report: Capilano Honey LTD

1. Introduction

1.1 Scope

The scope of the project deals with the internal and external evaluation Capilano Honey LTD. Through the help of secondary research, SWOT analyses are created to design business strategies for Capilano Honey LTD.

1.2 Purpose

The purpose of the paper is to identify the strengths, weakness, opportunities and weakness of the company. On the basis of these analysis a right strategy is to be developed that will assure the company in improving their current performance.

1.3 Background

Capilano Honey is the market leader of honey in Australia, packing premium quality honey produced by Australian beekeepers. Our company heritage spans over 55 years and generations of Australians have grown up with our trusted brand and quality honey. Capilano Honey was founded by apiarist J.C. (Tim) Smith MBE and his brother H.A. (Bert) Smith in 1953, which began the business by packing and selling their Capilano brand of honey to grocery stores around Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The name 'Capilano' has a nostalgic connection. It means 'rushing water' in the language of the native American Indian tribe, the Squamish, who occupied the Capilano district near Vancouver in Canada. It was here that Tim Smith met his wife, Jill, while stationed in ...
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