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American Cancer Society


Reason to Choose American Cancer Society

One of the foremost reason to choose this charity organization is the main theme of the of relying on the company and to give the healing as well as the soothing effect so as to support other people who are fighting their life against cancer. Not only this, my association with the organization is due to the help they provided me when I lost one of my loved one due to cancer. Relay for Life American Cancer Society's main theme is to help people both who are fighting their life against cancer also those who have the grief to lose his or her loved one due to cancer (Faber, 196-200). 

American Cancer Society, saving lives is the mission of the charitable organization. The organization breathes out their mission from beginning to end encompassing their efforts that vary from information regarding cancer services as well as collective events by the community so as to investigate, promote, as well as conduct international seminars. American Cancer Society's main believe that the work they perform is of rare importance (American Cancer Society, pp. 1- 32).DiscussionReach to Recovery Program at American Cancer Society

One of the basic reasons so as to choose this organization is it not only cures the disease but also helps people in strengthening them to fight back. For instance if a woman is having breast cancer, and she needs someone to talk so as to make her feel better the Cancer society does this for the patients. The organization through their Reach to Recovery program, match the patient with any one of the America Cancer Society volunteer who will talk with the patient relating as to how one should cope-up with her breast cancer diagnosis as well as treatment. This is one of the best tactics of the charity organization that helps people ...
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