American Ethnic Literature

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American Ethnic Literature

Farlan Contessa

English 104

August 2, 2011

American Ethnic Literature

1. What makes American literature American? American Literature can be demonstrated in a lot of varieties from i.e. from oral presentation to well defined historical writings. According to the history, it has been seen that literature can be defined in many ways and languages. While discussing American literature, one cannot ignore the work done by many Native American tribes. For example work in tale, legends and songs were the most important aspect. (Di, 2007). Christopher Columbus shaped the new form of American literature when he wrote famous book The Discovery of the New World. According to definition literature is a collection of stories, illustrations and myths of individuals over a period of time. (Friedman, 2009) American Literature started with the jumbled approach of the Native Americans. The concept of American literature has altered since Colonial period. Keeping these concerns in mind American literature can be defined from oral presentation to writings. There is still confusion exists about what literature work actually is. Some recent examples that may not be considered as literature work can be romantic novels or may be horror dramas. The quality of literature can be assessed as excellent when it is communicative and revealing because a best literature always reflects detailed insights of ideas in the reader.

When we specifically talk about American literature, it means there is a chance for an American writer/author to define his/her ideas and feelings freely and openly. American literature shows the minds of American authors i.e. there writing reflects the mind of clear thoughts and openness irrespective of the disagreement of those who are in powers. They have enough courage to explain their views against the powers in command at that time.

2. What is literary canon? How does literary canon relate to what is going on in society?

A literary canon is defined as a collection of books/ authors work of any country in specific time period. These collections includes a well experienced work presented by different writers and who posses expertise in their respective field and there writing consist of a quality literature in any given language. The group of writer's works as a part of literary canon is mainly acknowledged by educational and scholastic societies and is regarded as Literature of that language. If any work/book is a part of literary canon then it is understood that the same has gained some reputation and contains content of high quality that provides the reader an idea that the work is highly appreciated in the literary world.

The American Literary Canon consists of the collection of work that shows the glimpses of American society and content written by a perfect quality writer who is prominent in his/her field. As it is obvious that all scholars may not acknowledge the inclusion of works in literary canon and therefore officially literary canon cannot be established. But collectively, it is considered to be the collection of best authors holistically and does reflect American culture and ...
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