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American Government

American Government

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Choosing a Candidate

Apolitical party goes through a long process to conclude which nominee they would like to run for President.  “Focus groups” are held by pollsters and political researchers to work out whether or not a candidate has very wide sufficient apply to consider running for office. These aim groups also help to decide if or not a nominee is marketable—that is, if he or she has enough investments to address a run, or if he or she can make sufficient money by appealing to promise voters for donations.  little elections called primaries are held to determine which candidate from a pool of candidates will run against the opposing parties for president.

National Conventions

Each nominee determined by voters attends a nationwide convention—a celebration of the party's accomplishments, a restating of its goals and mission, and an introduction of the new nominee as candidate for the Presidency.  generally, the nominee will make a speech explaining his goals and policies and interpreting, occasionally for the first time, how he or she plans to advance the place of the Presidency.  If a candidate is running in the identical party as the present leader, sometimes leader will make a talk endorsing his or her candidacy.

Polling, Meeting and Speeches

The nominee for the Presidency now has a alalallotmentmentment of work cut out for him or her.  village auditorium meetings, principle talks, and report meetings are conducted across the country in alignment to get the candidate's title out and to focus some of the assistance he or she has already made to American politics.  throughout this time, a nominee will often choose a running friend who will become the Vice leader if the team makes it all the way to the White House.

The Election

Once a nominee has tried to garner as much support as ...
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