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The Importance of American Revolution in US Military

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The origin of US military2

Importance of American Revolution in US Military2



Importance of American Revolution in US Military


According to the popular story, American Revolutionary War became the reason of bringing freedom and democracy, the new U.S. brands. This event is also known as the war of independence. In the year, 1775 the thirteen colonies declared war of independence in British empire. It was the most advanced democratic management, which led the way towards democratic era. The dispute was about the North American Empire. The colonists did not want war for independence. They were first fighting for their natural rights and soon it changes to a condition of the war situation. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin were one of the great peoples who played a significant part in the American Revolution.

The American Revolution had been a home front war that brought scarcity, bloodshed, and turmoil into American lives. During the Revolution, consumer choices became politicized. Families boycotted British goods in the years leading up to the war in protest. Even play and recreation served as a statement of civic value during the 1770s and 1780s. Gender, urbanization, and industrial inventions that drove consumerism during the 1790s provided women with more discretionary time to read and do other leisure activities. Women, slaves, and apprentices prioritized time normally spent in completing tasks and household production.


The origin of US military

When the spark for independence appeared, Continental Congress formed an Army named Continental Army. General George Washington was the commander of that army. The American Resolution began soon after its formation and eventually the British army defeated in 1783.

Importance of American Revolution in US Military

Military is responsible for the safety and pride of the country. People of ...
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