An Examination Of Liquidity Risk Of Standard Chartered Bank Plc, Bangladesh

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An examination of liquidity risk of Standard Chartered Bank Plc, Bangladesh



Liquidity risk is the result of transformation of the role of a bank whose term of employment is generally higher at the end of resources, processing inherent in banking. It applies to financial investments that are difficult to liquidate (that is to say, for sale) very quickly. This does not prevent processing but can be assessed in the event of a liquidity crisis and given the schedule of assets and liabilities, how long and at what price the bank will honour its commitments. This question has two aspects, the measurement of liquidity risk and its management. In our analysis of the liquidity situation of Standard Chartered Bank Plc, Bangladesh we have seen that the liquidity position of the bank is, quite good and they have always taken their liquidity as a thing of great importance. The management of Standard Chartered, Bangladesh has been doing a great job to make sure that they do not have to face any liquidity concerns in the near future.


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3.1 Overview of qualitative and quantitative research approaches2

3.2 Research approach3

3.3 Research design4

3.4 Rationale for adopting the particular research design6

3.5 Rationale for a quantitative study7

3.6 Search for and compilation of empirical information8

3.6.1 Primary data8

3.7 Instruments used8

3.7.1 Financial ratio analysis8

3.8 Analysis, Conclusion and Recommendation9

3.9 Scope of the Research9

3.10 Underlying assumptions9


4.1 Financial Ratios11

4.1.1 Leverage Ratios16

4.2 Liquidity risk analysis of Standard chartered bank, Bangladesh17

4.2.1 Cash to deposit ratio19

4.2.2 Borrowing to deposits20

4.2.3 Advances to ...
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