Online Banking In Bangladesh

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Online Banking in Bangladesh


The study will examine the Banking sector of Bangladesh's economy. The progress with which the banking sector is currently progressing has been remarkable but progress has become static due various reasons, one of the major reasons being the lack of perception or adaptability of the online banking system that has been introduced the financial institutions. Many of the factors are involved in the likeness of people's acceptance towards the new system being introduced. The study has been conducted to find reasons that are the root causes of the people's perception towards the online banking system. The Banking institutions, in order to make their products need to use marketing tools to find out the needs of the customers, what changes are acceptable by them and what changes will not be accepted. This study clearly defines the reasons that became barriers and hurdles in the success of the banking sector of Bangladesh.

Table of Contents

1. Research Introduction1

1.1Thesis Statement1

2. Background1

3. Research Questions2

4. Research Aims and Objectives2

5. Literature Review2

5.1 ATM's2

5.2 E-banking3

4.3 Research4

6. Research Gap5

7. Methodology and Sampling Techniques5

7.1 Theoretical Framework5

7.2 Research Design5

7.3 Data Collection6

7.4 Analysis6

8. Research Limitations6

9. Research Outcomes or Anticipated Finding6

10. Timetabling7

10.1 Gantt Chart7

10.2 Timeline8

11. References9

Online Banking in Bangladesh

1. Research Introduction

The objective of this research is to determine the popularity of online banking in Bangladesh. The key drivers and barriers of online banking also needed to be determined and analyzed.

Thesis Statement

To determine the target customers and popularity of online banking in Bangladesh as well as the limitations and drivers.

2. Background

The banking services all over the world are analyzed on the basis of the customer service quality and the overall levels of customer satisfaction. In order enhance the customer services and increase the satisfaction of customers, financial institutions all over the world have introduced online banking services.

Online banking services were introduced to automate the structure of the organisation and its main focus is to provide its customers with good quality services, in accessible range and comfort. The banking institutions also have to meet the customize service updating the customer profiles. Technology has opened several ways for the banking industry to provide services to its customers. The customers in developed countries are more educated and have knowledge of using the online or internet banking services more easily. On the other hand, customers in developing countries are not fully aware of the products and services and ways to use the online banking service that is offered by many financial institutions of the country.

The banks in many of the developed countries are often asked several questions about the advantages they are earning through the use of advance technologies. Many researchers have found that the most important factor of educating the customer is by developing a good customer relationship. A friendly relation between the banker and the customers enables them to clear their concept about the new technological changes and the facilities that have been provided to the customer. In developing countries, poor customer services by most of the banks have lead ...
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