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Consumer perceptions towards online banking in Bangladesh



The study will examine the Banking sector of Bangladesh's economy and the perception of consumers towards it. The progress with which the banking sector is currently progressing has been remarkable but progress has become static due various reasons, one of the major reasons being the lack of perception or adaptability of the online banking system that has been introduced the financial institutions. Many of the factors are involved in the likeness of people's acceptance towards the new system being introduced. The study has been conducted to find reasons that are the root causes of the people's perception towards the online banking system. The Banking institutions, in order to make their products need to use marketing tools to find out the needs of the consumers, what changes are acceptable by them and what changes will not be accepted. This study clearly defines the reasons that became barriers and hurdles in the success of the banking sector of Bangladesh.





Problem Statement4

Research Aims4

Research Objectives4

Research Questions5


Scope of the Research6

Research Methodology6

Research Instrument6


Structure of the Research7


Research Overview9

Concept of Online Banking12

Technology Adoption in Online Banking14

Managing Consumers through Service Quality15

Role of Consumer Satisfaction17

Relationship Marketing19

Importance of Consumer Relationship Management19

Advantages of Consumer Relationship Management20




The banking services all over the world are analyzed on the basis of the consumer service quality and the overall levels of consumer satisfaction. The competition in the international market is so immense and intense that banks have to make sure that their consumer service is above par and they are delivering the best consumer service (Bate, 2010). The consumer-bank relationships are long lasting; therefore, it is very important for the banks to make sure that they get consumers for a long time so that they gain from the relationship. There are different factors that help the banks in ensuring that they deliver the best consumer service. The first aspect by which consumer service can be measured is the financial facilities offered by the banks (Devlin, 2002). There are different banks that use the financial facilities in different ways.

Financial facilities means the loans, the overdraft facility, the amount of credit the bank can extend to its consumers, etc. These facilities are very important for the consumers. Once they develop proper and good relations with the banks, they expect the bank to help them whenever they need. The availability of these services and facilities is another determinant of the consumer service. The services that the consumers are looking for should be available all the time. If at any time the service is unavailable at any time, the consumers will not be satisfied with the bank and will think of changing the bank (Berry and Parasuraman, 1991). Staff knowledge and service is the utmost important element of ensuring consumer service in banks.

Consumers deal with the staff directly whenever they visit a bank, which means that the staff plays a great role in ensuring whether the bank will provide good consumer service ...
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