An Investigation And Evaluation Of Secular Counseling And Biblical Counseling: Moving From Problem Centered To Solution Centered Counseling

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An Investigation and Evaluation of Secular Counseling and Biblical Counseling: Moving from Problem Centered to Solution Centered Counseling



I would like to take this opportunity to thank my research facilitator, friends & family for support they provided & their belief in me along with the guidance they provided me without which I would have never been able to complete this research.


I, (Your name), would like to declare that all contents included in this thesis/dissertation stand for my individual work without any aid, & this thesis/dissertation has not been submitted for any examination at academic as well as professional level previously. It is also representing my very own views & not essentially which are associated with university.




Clergy members have historically sought ways to improve their counseling methods. The practice of contemporary pastoral counseling has been profoundly impacted by 20th century secular psychological principles. Pastoral counselors have adopted and adapted many of these principles in an attempt to improve their counseling efforts. Parish-based pastoral counselors have long been aware of the unique stressors and concerns that are associated with serving parishioners in a duality of professional roles. This dissertation describes a research project that was initiated to introduce the clergy to the principles of a model of family therapy known as solution-focused. The solution-focused family therapy model was developed at the Brief Family Therapy Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The utility of the solution - focused approach in family therapy is described. Of particular interest is the manner in which pastoral counselors may employ this unique variant of brief systemic therapy in smaller parish-based settings. A pastoral counseling adaptation of solution-focused therapy emphasizes present and future solutions, while minimizing the attention directed toward problematic behavioral sequences that can create negativity, or stress for both pastor and client-member. A main goal of a parish-based pastoral usage of solution - focused therapy is to provide brief and effective assistance to members, while avoiding negativity, thereby maximizing the potential preservation of satisfactory ongoing clergy-member relations. This qualitative research project features the research method of Interpersonal Process Recall (IPR), and a narrative analysis of exemplars from a solution-focused pastoral counseling case that was co-created by the author and one of the members of a church he served. Proposed benefits of a parish-based pastoral usage of solution-focused therapy are expected to emerge from the analysis of exemplar categories generated by the recursive interaction of data and the research paradigm.

Table of Contents


Millions in Crisis Turn First to the Clergy1

Insufficient Counseling Training Is Common for Clergy Representatives2

Client “Over-disclosure” Is a Concern3

Research background - Why the Clergy Provides Counseling4

Research Question8

Problem Statement10

Significance of the study11

Aim and objective12

Term definition14

Limitation of the study15


Problem-focused counseling20

Counseling and Religion/Spirituality22

Secular psychotherapy22

Integrated Pastoral Counseling33

Authentic Biblical Counseling (Christian Counseling)42

Current Issues48

A Comparison of Christian and Secular Counseling with a Bible Word Study Basis50

Similarities between Biblical and Professional Views of Counseling57

Differences between Biblical and Professional Views of Counseling59

How can a Christian counseling center plus church work together to dole out God in meeting the requirements of people?69

The Demand ...
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