Analysis Of Pfizer's Competitors

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Analysis Of Pfizer's Competitors

Analysis Of Pfizer's Competitors

Pfizer Inc. is still the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, but there is reason to believe that the world might be changing for big drug companies. The United States has debated a major overhaul of healthcare for over a year and the result of that battle will go a long way toward predicting the long term health of Pfizer.


The major firms that pioneered the industry back in the early 20th century were located in Switzerland, Germany, UK, and the US. Today, these countries are still the location of the major firms. Since the industry requires sophisticated manufacturing techniques and intensive, high-cost R&D, the most profitable firms are in predominantly advanced, developed economies. Even with a growth in the industry, and changing trends in international trade, the early pioneers are still in the lead.


Top Companies (according to market share measured by sales)

The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with about 200 major companies making it up. One company does not control an overwhelming portion of the market share, though the most profitablecompanies control a share in the mid-to-high single digits.


Pfizer Inc. - With global revenues of $51.3 billion for 2005, Pfizer is the leading global pharmaceutical firm, even though this was a decline of 2.3% from 2004. It has the largest pharmaceutical R&D organization in the industry called Pfizer Global Research and Development. It has had amazing success with Lipitor, the best selling drug in the world. This cholesterol pill has been at the top for over five years, with annual sales at about $12.9 billion in 2005-- more than twice as much as its closest competitors. Other key drugs include Viagra and Zoloft.


GlaxoSmithKline - Though its primary R&D is headquartered in the UK, GlaxoSmithKline is ...
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