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Analysis Paper

Analysis Paper


Eco-map tends to demonstrate all the feature of an individual's life via graphical representation. Social workers employ them for counseling of others. The purpose of using this eco-map is to identify the relationship and social sates and compare them with the family eco map of n individual. It identifies the relationships that individual has in its life, it reflects all the aspects of an individual's life, that may include; spiritual, social and family perspectives if human life. In an eco-map family members will be included. It assesses the family relationships with the environment. It assists in visualizing the connection that family has with the external environment, and simultaneously reflects the quality of these connections that they have.


An eco map is a graphical representation of an individual's social life. It signifies the importance of the values and relationships in a person's life. Social workers and nurses who work for the counseling of individual's use eco - maps effectively. The following is a second eco map which will be relating the discussion of the first eco map with the current discussions. It helps depicting the levels of family relationships in the social environment of an individual.

When defining the eco map for an individual the first question which comes in the mind of the social worker is the status of current relationships, has it changed or is it unaffected? My relationships have been same for quiet some while, the kind of relationship which I maintained with my family, father, mother and sibling has neither intensified in positive or negative manner.

The second question which needs to be addressed is what are the activities I have been performing in the last two quarters and have they changed? My activities have also remained unchanged; therefore my social environment is also more ...
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