Annie John: A Girl's Life Unfolds

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Annie John: a girl's life unfolds

Annie John, a novel written by Jamaica Kincaid in 1985, details the growth of a girl in Antigua, an island in the Caribbean. It covers issues as diverse as mother-daughter relationships, lesbianism, racism, clinical depression, education, and the struggle between medicine based on "scientific fact" and that based on "native superstitious know-how".

Annie john is a booka about a girl coming of age. While annie is maturing her and her mother relationship falls apart for many reasons. Annie tries to replace her mother and gets revenge on her with different girls she meet in her life. annie also rebels and start having behavior problems to try to get her mothers attention.the time of annie growing up is in the colonial period so many of the local activities are not allowed because of the british set the rules and standards.

Annie John, the heroine of the book, starts out as a young girl who worships her mother. She follows her everywhere, and is shocked and hurt when she learns that she must some day live in a different house from her mother. While her mother tries to teach her to become a lady, Annie is sent to a new school where she must prove herself intellectually and make new friends. She quickly falls in with an emotionally close crowd of girlfriends, but later is attracted to a wild girl who climbs trees like a boy, and whom Annie John calls "Red Girl".

Annie John becomes closer and closer to her friends at school and Red Girl, while alienating herself from her mother and the other adults in her life. It later becomes clear that she also suffers from some kind of mental depression, which distances her from both her family and her friends. The book ends on a symbolic note, ...
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