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Answer the Questions

Answer the Questions

Answer 1

The name of salesman is used which shows the ethnicity of the individual as an alternative of using the name of the item, the name could be replaced with the salesperson.

The item is biased as the item do not evidently mentions the reason of comparing the performance of two weeks of sales.

In the question, the item is biased as the name that is Mr. Alvarez in association with a salesman at a furniture store is stereotypically used.

The name of the furniture store is not used as it shows that the receipts of any furniture store; however, the sales receipts of particular store is discussed.

Answer 2

There should be no ethnic names on the table as the names entails people with Judeo Christian or Caucasian background; therefore, this shows that the individuals of other ethnic backgrounds might not be sensible.

The item does not contain a balance of gender. This may suggest that boys are more predominant in this type of club then girls.

To revise this, you can take names out all together and use Student A, Student B, etc or balance out the genders by adding more female names.

The reason of biasness is that in the item, the names of people who belong to Christianity are used. Therefore, it should not be used as it might affect the people from other religious groups.

For this reason, Student A, Student B etc can be used to minimize the biasness.

Answer 3

The above item is not biased as the item does not mention the name of the teachers and students as if the names of the teacher or students were mentioned in the item than ethnicity or the religion of these people can be known.

The names of the books were also not mentioned which shows that the books could belong to any subject which do not clarify which course students were studying.

Answer 4

The item includes socioeconomic or class bias because it includes items or ideas that may not be common to all students within a given area. It could also be cultural bias it makes assumptions about what is common knowledge.

First, the word “stipend” is an uncommon word and may not be understood by all students. Second, all students also may not understand the word “au pair”. Third, both of these words may be classified as elitist because wealthier social classes would be more likely to use these terms then other income based social classes.

Change the word “au pair” to baby-sitter and the word “stipend” to salary.

Answer 5

The item is based on Cultural bias because it stereotypes African Americas as slaves and assumes that every person has knowledge of slavery or the history of the Civil War. Gender bias as it states that the house was built for a slave called Polly Valentine, as though she is a piece of property and giving the idea that all females are slaves or the only slaves are females.

This item is skills related and therefore does not ...
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