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This study provides the detailed information about the Apple Inc. in China. This study provides information about the History of Apple Inc., its overview, business operations and other important areas of concerns. This study also highlights the need of conducting a survey in China and the progress of Apple Inc. in this country. There are more retailers and distributors of Apple Inc. in the economy of China. This provides that there is a need for improvement in the system for the economy of China. This provides that there is also need for the better understanding of the Chinese environment for the better business strategies. This report also provides that there is a need for the important considerations regarding the business operations in the Chinese economy. Apple Inc. also considers it as the most important concern for their organization to pay attention to its international suppliers and distributors all over the world. This paper has a very significant role in understanding the culture and tradition of different country and to make them feel that the Company genuinely cares for them. It is the basic responsibility of the organization to care for the social, cultural and ethical values of a country that must not be violated due to the future business operations.

Table of Contents



Company Overview4

Company Board of Directors5

History of the Organization6

Code of Ethics7

Code of Conduct and Ethics for the Suppliers8

Mission Statement/Goals/Objectives8

Social Responsibility9

Labor and Human Rights9

Environmental Protection10

Audit and Accountability10

Education and Development10

Corporate Culture11

Current State of the Economy of China11

Model of Chinese Economy12

Apple Inc. in China12

Business Related Communication Patterns13

Business Customs14

Family Life/ Education Opportunities14

Green/Sustainability Efforts14

Gift Giving15

Gender Roles15

Conflicts and Conflicts Resolution Techniques15

Time/Personal space16


Weather/climate in China17

Holidays in China public/religious17

China's View on Americans17

Negotiation between Companies17

Types of Political System in China18

Relations with China18


Works Cited20

Apple Inc. in China


It is a common business strategy that before planning business and other strategic changes, a company needs to understand the complete environment for the successful business operations. This is the most important part of planning any business. This helps in reducing the risks and provides an opportunity to understand the problems that can create a hurdle in the future. A preliminary report is also important in accessing the opportunities for profits and business growths. Therefore, it is very important to understand their culture, tradition and other social aspects. This report also provides complete information about the business to create equal chances of familiarity. It brings two different cultures and traditions together for the mutual progress and growth in the future. Apple Inc. is an American multinational company which deals in the electronic goods, software and computer appliances. Apple Inc. and its subsidiaries all over the world have been involved in providing the best quality products. The company operations deal in the process of designing, manufacturing, and distribution of mobile and computer devices. It deals in various hardware and software applications and different other digital technologies. It includes music players, networking solutions, third-party digital content and applications. The company has a variety of hardware products, which includes iPods, iPhones, iPads, laptops, ...
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