Case Study: Apple Computer

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Case Study: Apple Computer: Maintaining The Music Business While Introducing Iphone And Apple Tv

Describe the key strategic challenges facing Apple.

It's hard to get headlines with 5% market share. When your market capitalization passes Microsoft, every person watches. For a firm that highly values control and privacy, Apple now stands center-stage with the flood lights glittering brilliantly.(Kane, 2007)

Apple expected this three years ago when it cut down “Computer” from its name. Then accumulative iPod and iTunes revenue surpassed MacIntosh computers by nearly 2:1. Today, the MacIntosh anecdotes for only 28% of income versus the iPhone's 40%. Apple now competes instantly or indirectly with computers, consumer electronics, cell phones, digital content and shortly search. There are some strategic challenges which are facing Apple are as follows:


With just 5% market share in the PC market, malware and virus writers have mostly disregarded the Mac. Although, Apple's iPhone achievement now makes them a goal that coincides with the blast of mobile security anxieties overall. needing strong experience in enterprise computing where security matters are paramount, it's reasonable to anticipate more difficulties such as the latest AT& T email address break on the iPad.

High control

Several years before, Steve Jobs said Apple wasn't going to do a phone because it had to be sold and controlled through the “four orifices” mentioning to the foremost cellular service providers. occupations notified Walt Mossberg that their entry into cell phones was driven by AT& T's unprecedented enthusiasm to give Apple command over what was on the handset.

Apple's power to innovate new business models in music and now cellular underscores what is perhaps their most frequently ignored strength. This devotes them considerable influence but it furthermore makes them very intimidating when they insert more apparatus and services. (Kane, 2007)


Services assist minimally to Apple's revenue but supply enormous influence. In 2009, iTunes accounted for 25% of the overall music market in the U.S. and 69% of digital downloadss. Unlike traditional Apple  goods where patents, exact replicate defence and design supply defence, services are effortlessly copied. To designated day, Apple services such as iTunes and Apps are firmly integrated with their products.

Increased competition and stakeholders

One of the inspiring attributes of Apple has been its consistent aim on the clientele rather than the affray, Wall Street and other stakeholders. This has served them well when it was just Apple vs. PC as the magnificent ad campaign reminded us. (Regan, 2009)

Today it's Apple vs. Google, HTC, Samsung, RIMM, Sony, Amazon, Electronic Electronic Arts, PC, government bureaus, etc. In contrast to the last gasps of the music industry after ineffectively battling plagiarism, these are healthy, vibrant companies with plenty of smart people, money, lawyers and lobbyists. They will go to great extents to defend their business as well as dispute Apple in new ones.

Describe dimensions along which the company can be measured.

While Apple clearly overrides the online music commerce, the battle for domination is not over. Although digital melodies sales are growing rapidly, the Recording ...
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