Case Study On Apple Inc.

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Case Study on Apple Inc

Case Study on Apple Inc


The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant information relating to the analysis of Apple Corporation. Apple Inc. is a computer manufacturing company that is working globally. Apple grew very fast in a little time due to its strong culture, hierarchy, policies and the innovation which truly made the company achieve prosperity. The organizational structure of the company is made is such a way to be more competitive even in today's dynamic environment. Apple Computers plays a major role in the consumption (iPod and Mac) and distribution (iTunes Store) of music, once thought to be the exclusive domain of giant record tables. Today, Apple stands amongst the greatest brands of the world. Its ability to synchronize its products and making them easy to use for its customers has been its greatest competitive edge (William, 2006, pp. 58-78).

Apple is one of the most renowned companies in the industry. The company manufactures smart phones, iPads, and laptops etc. Apple is the market leader in the industry and is known for the technology it uses in its products and the reliability of the products. Apple was the first to manufacture a touch screen and has recently launched iPhone 5. The development of mobile technology has much of its history in the evolution of the cellular phone. From simple cell phones to modern smart phones, this technology still dominates the marketplace for devices used to connect with other phones and to the Internet. Phone technology has evolved through several generations, which has allowed for increasing capabilities. In the earlier days, 2G (known as GSM: Global System for Mobile communication) used digital signals and integrated a modem to call dial-up Internet service numbers provided by the phone carrier. This technology was relatively slow compared to the subset of 2G mobile phones that were able to browse the Internet via a Wireless Application Browser (WAP) installed on the device, which enabled text messaging for the first time (Apple, 2011).

Apple's vision can help us to understand many organizational decisions taken at the company's history. Employees of Apple have often been encouraged to follow ideas and inclinations, and this has often led to development of profitable products. Apple believes that employees work harder if they feel free from the hectic of manager's assigned task. Apple major cause of success is its strong trust on the employees of the company and innovation. Apple suffered some serious problems in the different regional areas that stopped the spending on innovation and made Job think about changing the culture. The secret behind Apple's success is its visionary and smart leader who not only brought innovative and user-friendly products for Apple's customers but also led the firm with immense dedication. He did so by shifting the technology of every product after regular intervals so that customers do not get bored of using the outdated ...
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