Apple Case Study

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Apple Case Study

Apple Case Study


The main purpose of this paper is to make an analysis on the case “The success of the iPod raises the licensing question for Apple”. This paper discusses different concepts based on this case study. The paper discusses different process and techniques of innovations which were used in order to make development, evaluation, and application of ideas and concepts used in the development of commercial products. The strategies for the Innovation management have also been discussed in this paper. This paper also discusses the methods which Apple used to establish an innovative environment within its organization's structure.

Case Background

This case study gives an overview of Apple's success. The Apple IPod is the success factor of Apple Inc. It is believed that the IPods are liked by a number of people, and the trend of likes for Apple IPod is increasing day by day. Some analysts believe that mobile phones will still supersede the Apple IPod. This case study discusses the issue that how the success of the iPod raised the licensing question for Apple. Apple refused to take the licensing of its products, and this led to the demise of Apple. The problem was that whether Apple would succeed in the sustaining its enormous premium. One of these players may try to develop a unified platform, high-end, which will be marketed under license. Impossible not to think of Microsoft, which gradually nibble market share in smart phones with operating system Windows Mobile, version 6 is already circulating on the Internet. Apple has a vested interest in ahead of its competitors, by imposing the platform OS X / iPhone as the new standard for smart phones.

Critically assess the process and techniques of innovation used, in the case study to develop, evaluate and apply ideas and concepts used in the development of commercial products.

Apple incorporation is considered to be the number one innovative company in the world. It has been considered to be the world's number one innovative company, for three years in the list of world's 50 most innovative companies. According to the claim of Business Week, the creativity of Apple goes beyond their products in order to rewire them. Thus, the process and techniques of innovations adopted by Apple are very good, and they helped Apple in the application of ideas and concepts which were used in the commercial products development (Christensen, 2005, p. 1533).

Innovation is considered to be a better option than development of a new product. The term innovations refer to reinvestment of business processes and creating the complete new markets that meet the customer's requirements. The new business innovations and developments bring the generations of new ideas. Innovation by Apple is considered to be a selection of new ideas, executing it and bringing them in the market record.

The effectiveness of the innovation process at Apple is largely determined by how the way, in which the main actors in this process interact with each other as elements of a collective system of creating ...
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