Aquinas Five Argument Of God Existence

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Aquinas Five Argument of God Existence


The importance of religion for the development of mankind cannot be ignored. The broader definition of religion includes the beliefs of human beings on God and divine objects. Since the beginning, there are diverse arguments about the existence of God. The argument of the existence of God has been discussed several times by both believers and non-believers. There are many arguments that prove the existence of God. Nevertheless, there are diverse arguments that doubt the existence of God (McDermott, pp. 230).

The belief in the existence of God is the fundamental point of religions. It is a pillar on which further beliefs depend. According to the believers, every activity of this world has been regulated by God. It proves that God is present. On the other side, another group of people believe that the existence of this universe is merely a result of some scientific reactions.


Thomas Aquinas and the Existence of God

God is the first in the order of beings apart from human knowledge though God is invisible. It is, therefore, essential to demonstrate that God exists while being invisible. Thomas elaborates that five ways to come to prove that God exists (Kenny, pp. 1).The Five Proofs of God

In the Summa Theologica, Thomas has presented five proofs of the existence of God. He has supported his arguments with valid reasons. The arguments of Thomas Aquinas are based on the idea of Aristotle's unmoved mover. In his study, Aquinas has only considered rational things. Since reason is the creation of God therefore, it is an effective method to proof the existence of God.

First Mover

The first principle of Aquinas has been derived from the beliefs of the Aristotle. It is based on the principle that everything in this universe has been controlled by a force. The principle states that every object in motion is the result of a force. This means that Thomas believed in Aristotle's meaning of becoming and change. He also believed in the transition from power to act. According to this principle, there must be a force that is causing different things in this world to move. Therefore, it can be comprehended from this principle that there are two primary forces. One is a rough and another is the motive. The rough can be described as something that changes from potentiality to actuality. On the other side, the motive is something that generates the blur. Motive is the thing that generates the passage and moves. The first force that is causing all things to move is God (Kenny, pp.2).

First Cause

The second argument that proofs the existence of God is the first cause. First cause is the second reason that proofs the existence of God. This argument is casual. According to this argument, everything happens in the world because of a cause. In other words, efficient causes give rise to everything. There is no action that is the cause of itself. It is impossible to process ad infinitum, and then we must admit a ...
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